Gardener’s Report updates Council on Arboretum activities


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The Town of Trochu held their regular Council meeting on Monday, July 16, 2018. 

Director of Operations Report

A cracked valve was replaced at the Arboretum and a broken water line was repaired. Summer students assisted with the levelling of the fountain. It was noted in the ‘Gardener’s Report’ that it took a full day with five people working and Tom Bigelow was awarded the electrical work for the irrigation electrical repair and power to Sara’s fountain. A permanent path was also installed and a bench platform for viewing. The Arboretum has concerns over some infected elm trees and some lindens and will consult on best practices for managing. For the following month, the Arboretum will focus on the repair of the waterfall and cleanup around the pond.

Operations explained that at the Arena, repairs were made to the waterline of the splash park and a new heater element for the wading pool was installed. Stairs were built and completed for better access to the penalty box at the arena. The stairs enter into the side of the home penalty box with safety glass for protection. The transfer site was broken into and discarded car batteries were taken. The roof was repaired to the transfer site shed. The rusted out bin at the transfer site was removed and replaced with a new one and is expected to last for about 25 years. The Mayor asked that Operations look into costs for trail cameras. The Town of Trochu wagon wheel sign was repainted and modified to match the town logo. The sign has been re-installed. The box has been installed onto the five-ton dump truck and the wait for now is on paint, to be followed by the addition of lights. The delay was noted but the new expected date for completion is July 20. Some potholes were patched with more to be done. Street gutters were shovelled out. Three Hills street sweeper was hired to pick up sand from streets. There has been some organizing and cleaning up of dirt, gravel and sand piles on lots off Elevator Road. Deputy Mayor Reeds received Council support for the idea of utilizing excess dirt to fill in Town lots. Two Town of Trochu Public Works banners were built for the parade.

The sewer hydro-flusher, that will be jointly owned with Three Hills, was ordered and the expected delivery would be early August. Water line repairs were made to the supply line from the Huxley well, as the previous joint had split and washed out. The break occurred in a corner of a farmer’s field four miles north of Town. Sewer line repairs were made at a resident’s home in Trochu Meadows as the sewer line was originally laid by the developer in an unexpected configuration and two pilings had been drilled through the original sewer line. The Mayor asked, “With excellent engineers, how are we making these errors?” It was noted that going forward, if a lot is sold, Operations will camera the line. Some sewer lines have been flushed and a few water meters replaced and upgraded.

The new Town office renovations are moving along quite fast. The painter has completed all main floor and stairs. LED lights have been ordered, washrooms gutted, flooring ordered, and the contract for window glass replacement and resealing has been awarded locally. The front counter is being built. The air raid siren repairs have been completed, and Digital timer and controls installed in the arena, the power line trenched in, and the concrete pad for the tower was built south of the arena and sounded on July 2. The Tower still needs to be moved, siren mounted and final electrical is to be completed.

Administrator’s Report

Carbon has joined the bylaw program, effective July 9 and this means some changes to the bylaw officer’s schedule. Protective Services and Emergency Review Committee made the request that Administrators develop a budget for a regional ‘Director of Emergency Management’ position that could be in conjunction with the Bylaw Officer. The current officer may be retiring at the end of the year.

Once designs are completed for the liner that is to be used at the Lagoon expansion project, then Ghostpine Environmental will be able to make the changes to their application regarding the water act.

The Community Advisory Group for the Senior’s Housing project will be holding its first meeting this very evening (July 16) to set up an organizational structure. Administration received information regarding the various forms of Corporations and will be determining the best suited options.

Administration advised that he had received three quotes for the Town’s auditor. Administration has also made contact with Watson Pools and a meeting has been scheduled for this coming Wednesday. Eckenfelder Street repairs is nearly complete and Trochu Avenue road base has been reshaped in preparation for paving. Curb repairs for Trochu Avenue and new curbs on Eckenfelder is in progress, though concrete has to cure for a minimum of five days prior to paving. This entire project is expected to be complete by July 23.

Council had some discussion around the community garden and possibly building a few boxes for raised gardens. There was mention of a possible donation.

Councillor Concerns, Reports

Clr. Lumley received support from Council for a thank you note to be sent to the organizer of the dog show. She also advised Council of some of the participants and events being held for the annual Alberta Open Farm Days specific to the Community Futures Wild Rose Region and scheduled for August 18 and 19.

Deputy Mayor Reeds confirmed that the Trochu Golf Club is developing eight additional seasonal camp sites on the hill above the golf course.

In correspondence, the government advised of its plan to remove the culvert on the Highway 21, pedestrian Underpass by Trochu. The Mayor explained that at one time, Trochu owned some land to the west of the golf course for possible course expansion and the culvert was put it as pedestrian underpass. This is no longer a concern and the culvert removal is proposed for next year. At the moment it is in the designing stage.

Council moved to send a letter to Three Hills Victim Services in support of their grant application.