Trochu Town Council Report

A representative of Trochu Agricultural Society was a guest of Trochu Council's January 24 meeting. Bruce Campbell sought confirmation from Council on whether it will be donating to the Society, the needed number of acres for the building of riding rings and livestock buildings for the hosting of agricultural events such as gymkhanas. The Ag Society needs enough land to initially erect a 100 X 200 foot riding ring, for this year yet, and then later, a 100 X 220 foot structure. They will also require land for a general parking lot as well as a separated lot for about 30 large truck-trailer units for livestock conveyance. Bruce advised that it would be better to not mix together the two types of traffic. The site would also have to include washroom facilities and a concession. Fencing would be a priority. "We want this built in time to host a gymkhana event for this year. So we need to get moving on this." Bruce also advised that the Society is sanctioned for Canadian dog trial events and perhaps in a year or so, the Society is contemplating becoming USA sanctioned. "We want to generate enough revenue from these events to pay for these buildings." Council confirmed that the Town owns roughly 13 acres over by the Sunterra Foods facility. The lot to the east of Sunterra has sewer lines and the Society advised it wouldn't be able to build over top of that, so that parcel could only be used for parking. Council approved a motion later in the meeting to donate a few more lots, roughly totaling 7 to 9 acres to the Society, for agricultural-related events. The Society would be monetarily responsible for associated survey and legal costs, and other contractual obligations. Council will have to check out alternative land for themselves on which they can eventually build a Town shop.
In the Director of Operations report, a complaint from a group using the arena has been received, advising of an outbreak of ants at the curling rink, in the kitchen and a meeting room. Traps have since been laid. A couple of places in town have requested different garbage routines to match their needs, including contracting outside due to large numbers of garbage pick-ups. Operations and Administration is looking into different billing methods and trying to make this work within the confines of the Town's own costs and load obligations. Public Works has had its challenges with snow removal and expects to see some problems with the street parking and there have been two alleys closed due to snow drifts. Operations is putting together a policy. They have also had some equipment challenges including a broken steering column on the 3-ton truck. "We are having to get another column modified to fit." The Director advised that there are no major concerns with water and wastewater but they expect some difficulties this spring, associated with not getting all the storm sewers cleaned up before last fall. "This will likely cause some issues come spring." Council was advised that Kneehill County will provide the Town with a certified water operator, on an interim basis, as needed.
The Mayor advised Council that AUMA (Alberta Urban Municipalities Association) has arrived at possibly a better method with the Provincial Government of revenue sharing and each municipality is asked to fill out a survey. Kletke read out a few questions from the survey and advised that Council could decide, at its retreat, to fill it out and submit it. He also had good feelings from recent talks with the MLA, and others in regard to the positive feedback on the business plan for the Trochu School.
There were Councillor reports on the recent Disaster Services Update and Training Session and a request that new Councilors get to review the Town's own plan and to possibly hold a mock disaster that would include some of the different players. It was also requested that Administration move ahead on obtaining quotes and designs for a three-sign package for the Town Office, Arena, and Cemetery (in a Heritage theme). The Town Office sign should at least be in place for May 5. A Red Deer River Basin Councillor report advised of a potential three-year study and the $360,000 price tag. There was talk about abnormal increases in hormones of fish in different areas of upstream and downstream of the watercourse, and of concerns of off-road vehicles doing damage to the water course. Councillor Cunningham gave some updates on centennial celebration arrangements, saying there has been good response and support. There was some talk of the time capsule which will be opened (after 25 years) during centennial events and what the procedures will be. Another capsule will be buried and residents are advised to get ready what they wish to put in for the next 25 years.
There were minor amendments to the Volunteer Appreciate policy, namely nomination procedures and the family-friendly event itself coordinating with volunteer appreciation week. The policy was moved and accepted.
Town Council and staff were scheduled to tour Pontmain School the next day and get an idea on what could be saved for historical purposes before demolishing the building. The Town now has ownership of the building and the site.