Council meets with JASA Delegation

Monday, January 24th's meeting of Three Hills Town Council got started at 5:30pm, hearing from the first delegation, Lorie Penner, Regional Coordinator from Junior Achievement of Southern Alberta (JASA).
Council had previously approved a motion to sponsor one JASA class for $500.00. Mayor and Councillors decided they would like more information about the program, so they asked Lorie to come in and explain.
JASA is a non-profit organization teaching business, financial literacy, and entrepreneurial programs to students grade 4-12. Business leaders from within the community volunteer to go into the classroom, after they themselves have been instructed, and offer their knowledge to students involved in Junior Achievement.
In the East Central region alone, 2,500 students within 32 schools, and 110 programs have been registered since 2008. The program costs $25,000 to run, for this region, and is seeking financial support. Currently 1/3 of the funding comes from the provincial government, 1/3 from businesses, and 1/3 from JASA itself.
Lorie also informed Council they have a choice in deciding where there funding will be directed. Council agreed to look it over, and then get back to Lorie.
The other delegation was Victor Berg. Council granted Vic and Vi Berg another opportunity to voice their disapproval over a proposed parking lot west of Centennial Place. Two properties have been purchased but no final decisions have been made regarding this issue.
It was then time for Councillors and Management reports. Mayor Shearlaw and Councillors each reported about the recent meetings they've attended. Councillor Campbell, a member of the Dr. Recruitment and Retention Committee reported three new doctors will be coming to this area within the next year. A doctor from England, Dr. Tim Adebisi, will be here in August, Dr. Hussein will be coming to Three Hills soon, and Dr. Bank Jaiyesimi will be coming to Trochu. This is tentative, so expect an official write up in The Capital in the near future.
Councillor Terry Lee came from an Economic Growth meeting to announce that Three Hills is seeking a new slogan, an will be putting up a contest for residents. Check Tim Shearlaw's article, "That's Life" in this issue, for more details.
A motion was approved for the Town of Three Hills to make an application to Alberta Transportation to use the remaining funds from the New Deal for Cities and Communities Grant Program for 6th Ave S water main replacement project. Council also approved that the Town make an application to Alberta Transportation to use funding allotments for the 2010 and 2011, Federal Gas Tax Fund for the 6th Ave S water main replacement project.
The Town will offer to host a meeting of appointed members from each Urban Municipality to review the formula for distributing the 2011 Kneehill County Recreation Funding at a mutually agreed date in February.
Council approved an advancement of 50% of the 2011 funding for the Three Hills Arts Academy Society, and will request a budget.
A delegation from Arts Alive in Kneehill will meet with Council at the February 14th meeting, at 5:45 pm.
On March 9th, the Lodge Room of the Three Hills Community Center will be used as a venue for Combined Kneehill Regional Partnership Meeting and Economic Growth Committee Public Forum.
Council adjourned at 7:50 pm.