Clarification needed in Cannabis Retail Sales Bylaw

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The regular Three Hills Town Council meeting was called to order at 5:35 pm on September 24.
Councillors considered two By-Laws, six items under “New Business”, gave their Councillor’s reports and Mayor’s Report, and reviewed the Management Reports. One item of correspondence was received to be filed.
The financial statements for the month ending August 31 were presented and received as presented.
The regular (public) meeting ended at 6:45 and a closed session had two items on the agenda for the Councillors to attend to.
The first By-Law brought to Council was that designated as “Land Use Bylaw Amendment 1398-17-A1 (Cannabis Retail Sales Bylaw). It had been tabled at the Sept. 10 meeting for some additional clarification. The revised version as presented in Council for first reading was “defeated” and will be presented at the next meeting with further clarification.
Once the Bylaw is approved by Council and given “first reading”, a Public Hearing must be called so that the public can be present if they want to respond to it, or send it back for further clarification.
The second Bylaw has the heading of “Borrowing Bylaw 1427-18-Water Treatment Plant Upgrades”.
There are several factors and conditions laid out by Provincial law that a municipality must meet when applying to “borrow” from any institution.
The background information indicates that the Water Treatment Plant, located on the banks of the Red Deer River, was originally constructed in 1982. We are told that the plant itself is in “reasonably good condition due to continual maintenance”. Nevertheless, some components require replacement or upgrades due to the apparatuses: being out of date or, are obsolete and parts are becoming increasingly hard to find, or do not meet today’s regulated federal or provincial standards.”
While approximately 60% of the $14.78 million cost of the project is covered by a grant, the balance will be done through a loan. It is the terms or conditions of this loan that the Bylaw has to address.
“Borrowing Bylaw 1427-18 -Water Treatment Plant Upgrades” was given first reading at this Council Meeting. Following the Advertising of the First Reading there will be a 15 day period allowed for the submission of petitions which will end October 17.
If the Bylaw receives second and third reading on October 22, the Bylaw would become valid on November 21.
Items under New Business were presented in well prepared documents and while some of the motions themselves seem heavy in the phrasing, the resolutions themselves are quite straight forward.
Item 1. Boomtown Trail Campaign Update: “Moved by Deputy Mayor Harold Leo that Council accept the Boomtown Trail Summer Campaign Update for information as presented. Carried.
Item 2. Water Tower Building Rebuild: “Moved by Councillor Vernon Wiebe that Council directs Administration to proceed with the planned location of the Water Tower Building.” Carried.
Item 3. Kneehill Regional Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) 2019 Budget and Allocations: Moved by Mayor Shearlaw that the Town of Three Hills supports the municipal funding increase for 2019 Kneehill Regional Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) Budget and furthermore recommends that the FCSS Board consider an annual 1% increase, for the years 2020 to 2022, be approved and recommended to participating municipalities for their approval.” Carried.
Item 4. Regional Subdivision and Development Appeal Board: “Moved by Councillor Al Campbell that the Town of Three Hills agrees to participate in the Regional Subdivision and Development Appeal Board proposed by the Parkland Community Planning Services (PCPS) and is prepared to: (1) Enter into an agreement with other participating municipalities and PCPS to establish the Regional Board and its operations ; and (2) Adopt a Regional Intermunicipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Bylaw subject to at least ten (10) participating municipalities passing this same or similar resolution.” Carried.
Item 5. Delegation Request - Nathan Cooper’s Office: “Moved by Councillor John Hamm that Council approves the delegation request by Nathan Cooper’s Office for Monday, October 22, 2018 at 5:30 PM.” Carried.
Item 6. Letter of Support-Fire Services Training: “Moved by Councillor Ray Wildeman that Council provides a Letter of Support in favour of the Fire Services Training Program (FSTP) Grant Application in the amount of $17,500.00.” Carried.
The Councillors, in their reports, outline the various meetings that they have attended, and to hear their assessments of the subjects discussed and the information received is quite interesting. These verbal reports are given during “open session” and the public is welcome to attend the open sessions and hear for themselves of the work the Councillors are involved in on behalf of the residents of Three Hills as the Councillors attend the various Committee Meetings or other engagements.
Councillor Campbell attended at least three meetings including a Chamber of Commerce meeting (Sept. 20) and a Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Committee.
Councillor Hamm also took in the Chamber of Commerce meeting and the Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Committee, and the Economic Growth Committee and the Southern Alberta Energy from Waste Association.
Councillor Wildeman was in on the Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Committee meeting and met with the Red Deer River Municipal Users Group. He also attended the “Three Hills Detachment Police Advisory Committee” (PAC) formerly known as the “Community Advisory Committee” (CAC).
Councillor Leo attended the FCSS meeting.
Councillor Sept attended a Three Hills Library Board Meeting.
Mayor Shearlaw had meetings at the Chateau Three Hills, and the Economic Growth Committee as well as some other citizen related meetings.
The aforementioned Mangement Reports and Financial reports follow these reports from the Councillors and the meeting comes to an end.