Ray Wildeman appointed Deputy Mayor of Three Hills

Wildeman Shearlaw 2018

Three Hills Town Council Meeting for October 22, 2018 consisted of two parts.

The first part, called to order at 5:41 PM was the annual Organizational Meeting wherein several formalities are dealt with.

The first item is the election of and the appointment of the Deputy Mayor. This then is followed by Mayor Shearlaw administering the Oath of Office.

Council appointed Councillor Ray Wildeman as Deputy Mayor for a one-year term expiring at the 2019 Organizational Meeting.

The Council Procedure Bylaw 1350-13 states that “The Mayor shall annually at the organizational meeting nominate, and the council shall by resolution, approve or amend the appointment of members of Council and other persons who will represent the town on boards, Commissions, and Committees to which the Town has the right to appoint representation.”

Council was provided with a Committee & Board Selection Package and were asked to inform the Mayor and Administration of any changes. No changes were requested so the appointments remain as they have been. Therefore, the resolution passed was “that the Council Representatives on Boards, Commissions, and Committees, as attached to the minutes, be accepted as presented.”

Council Meeting dates and times are also set forth for the coming 12 months. As a common practice the Town Council meets on the second and fourth Mondays of the month at 5:30 PM. Exceptions are noted for Statutory Holidays and Christmas and Summer Break when the meetings are either moved to the following Tuesday or cancelled.

Council accepted the Council Meeting Dates & Times as presented.

The appointment of the Auditor and the Assessor reads as follows

1. “… that Council appoint BDO Canada LLP as Auditors for the 2018 year end.”

2. “… that Council appoint Stephen Washington of Wildrose Assessment Services Inc., the position of assessor for the term expiring at the 2019 Organization Meeting.”

In accordance with the Municipal Government Act (MGA) a municipality may only make a borrowing if such is authorized by a borrowing bylaw, and the Council Procedure Bylaw states that as part of the order of business they have “Approval of Operating Line of Credit”.

Thus Bylaw 1428-18 being a Bylaw of the Town of Three Hills to provide for a Revolving Line of Credit Loan with RBC Royal Bank was presented and given first, second, third and final reading.

The Organizational Meeting adjourned at 5:55 PM.

Council moved immediately into the regular meeting, it being called to order at 5:56 PM.

Nathan Cooper, MLA for the Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills Constituency was the Delegation for this Council meeting. He was “touching base” with the Town Council and in addition to speaking of the expanded borders of the Constituency he addressed a few questions coming from the Councillors and spoke of the upcoming Legislature sessions and some of the topics the United Conservative Party as the Official Opposition expects to raise.

He also issued an invitation to a Tuesday morning breakfast being held at a Three Hills restaurant.

There were only a few items to attend to.

Under the heading of “Bylaws” there were two.

To correct a clerical error, The Property Tax Bylaw “revised” was given first, second and third and final reading.

The Borrowing Bylaw for the Water Treatment Plant Upgrades which was given the first reading at the October 9 meeting and had no additional public input, received its second and third reading.

At the March 26 Council meeting Administration was directed to consider the creation of a new Parade Float for the Town of Three Hills. Feedback since then has suggested that members of Council would like to continue to use the “inflatable” which has become something of a “brand” for Three Hills. However, it does need some repair so Council has directed Administration to proceed to look into the feasibility of repair and to report to council what the estimated cost may be.

On October 10, 2018 the Town of Three Hills received formal confirmation that it had received the full $60,000 (matching) “CARES” Grant to complete the Three Hills, Economic Development Master Plan to a Maximum of $120,000. The plan is laid out in Three Phases with a completion date of September 2020 being stipulated. Phase one is the “Business Retention & Attraction implementation, Phase two the Economic Development Strategic Plan implementation and Phase three the “Future Growth Area Structure Implementation. Council accepted the update presentation for information.

The final bit of “New Business” was the invitation from the CAEP to attend their Fall General Meeting in Red Deer. Council approved “… that Councillor Al Campbell be authorized to attend the 2018 Central Alberta Economic Partnership (CAEP) Fall General Meeting on November 14th and that expenses and per diems be paid.”

Councillors’ Reports are a regular feature of the Council Meeting. Two Councillors indicated that they did not have any specific meeting to report on, although they did have a few general observations. Some of the Councillors attended the same meetings or functions including a “Volunteer Webinar” Kneehill Housing meeting, Economic Growth Meeting, the Chamber of Commerce “Small Business Awards” supper, and for Councillor Sept there was a meeting of the Library Board.

Councillor Hamm will be attending a SAEWA meeting in Lethbridge

Mayor Shearlaw also attended some of these same meetings and took in the Prairie Christian Academy Fundraising supper and auction on October 20.

With the receiving of the Management Report as presented with only a couple of questions being asked, and then the approval of the September financials and one piece of correspondence to be received, the regular session was adjourned at 6:58 PM.

The closed session was to deal with two matters.