Driver escapes injury in two vehicle crash



The driver of a west-bound Ford Escape is very fortunate that newer vehicles come with air-bag safety features after he collided with an eastbound heavy-duty commercial truck-trailer unit on Hwy 575, about four miles west of Acme.
The crash took place around 4:30 pm, on Wednesday, January 26. The driver of the truck, after coming over a slight rise, claimed that an approaching, silver-colored vehicle was in the wrong lane. The truck driver apparently tried to avoid the head-on collision, braking hard and swerving out of his lane, resulting in the passenger side of the SUV colliding along the passenger side of the truck/trailer unit. The SUV flipped, rolling onto farmland on the south side of the highway, coming to rest on its roof. Its undercarriage was heavily doused in oil and though the fire trucks unhooked water hoses, it was precautionary in nature and no fire erupted.
The male driver got out of the vehicle before emergency crews arrived and was soon being assessed by ambulance technicians for possible injuries other than lacerations. The truck came to a stop in the north lane of the highway. Debris littered the highway and both lanes were shut down to traffic for a time.
Fire and rescue volunteers from both the Acme and Linden Departments were dispatched to the scene, as was Kneehill Ambulance. A Kneehill County Peace Officer was in attendance to initiate investigation as Beiseker/Airdrie RCMP could not immediately respond.
Acme fire department volunteers were on scene re-routing traffic until almost midnight, as the highway had to be shut down again for the long process of vacuuming the truck's load, and for the vehicles that were brought in to load and haul away the truck/trailer unit. The process was expected to finish around 4:00 am, with RCMP taking over traffic control after midnight.