Heavy frost penetration a concern with water lines

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Trochu Deputy Mayor Bill Cunningham called the regular meeting of the Trochu Town Council to order at 6:01 PM March 11, 2019.

The Agenda was accepted as altered, including two items to be discussed in closed session.

The routine of accepting the minutes of the February 25 meeting was followed by the acceptance of the Housekeeping update.

There were no Public Hearings and no Delegations and no Committee reports.

Staff reports covered the Grantwriter’s report, the Director of Operations report and the Water/Wastewater report as given by Operations Director Dave Nelson, and the Administrator’s Report as given by Carl Peterson. The Director of Operations report and Administrator’s Report is available to the Councillors in advance and Mr. Nelson and CAO Carl Peterson are on hand to answer questions and give clarification.

Frozen water lines have been an issue this year, a condition being reported in many towns and cities this year differing from some previous years because of the heavier frost penetration, and many lines being less than seven or eight feet underground.

Under Councillor’s Reports, Councillors Chris Armstrong and Chris Reeds attended a valuable Alberta Rural Development Network workshop, that dealt with “Affordable Housing”.

Councillor Reeds mentioned that he will be attending an upcoming meeting of the Red Deer River Municipal Users Group.

Councillor Cheryl Lumley reported on her attendance at the Arboretum Board Meeting and the several topics discussed there including the helping at the Casino in May, and then the fundraising Christmas Market, and the Forest of Lights, and the transition of the Arboretum Café operations later this summer/fall.

Councillor Bonnie Munro having attended a Solid Waste Management meeting, reported on the impact that Countries like India and China banning the import of scrap plastics will be having on municipalities in Alberta.

Deputy Mayor Cunningham attended a Kneehill Housing Meeting. He was unable to attend a Boom Town Trail meeting but did pass on some information to be considered.

There were five items of correspondence to be accepted to file. One was from FCSS pertaining to Volunteer Appreciation Week and an event being held at the Senior’s Drop-In Centre scheduled for April 11.

Under “Finance” there was one motion to proceed with a “History Check Mobile App” opportunity at a cost of $530.00. This will allow not-for-profit groups to post on the site, and commercial businesses also but if they want to expand beyond the basic information, that would carry an additional cost.

The other matter under Finance if the formality of accepting the Bank Reconciliation statement for February 2019.

For New Business, the only item that required any action was to advise Administration to write a letter of support for Amplify Our Municipal Voice For Responsible Resource Development, an initiative under the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association.

With this being attended to, Council then took a brief recess and went into closed session.