Breaking boards to build communities

Board Breaking Donation

The Acme Karate School held a unique fundraiser at Acme School on Saturday, March 30 to help raise funds for a few local projects that are currently underway. Community members and Provincial Martial Arts affiliates were invited to break boards to build community.

“Fifty per cent of the profits are going to Acme School Gym and the other fifty per cent of profits are going to the Karate School to purchase new equipment and provide funding for qualifying members of the Acme Karate School to compete at the World’s Martial Arts Games in Las Vegas at the end of June,” explained Sensei Chris Smeltzer.

Participants bought boards and then were taught how to break them safely and effectively by members of the Provincial Martial Arts Association. In addition to these two local initiatives, the Acme Food Bank also benefited with the entrance fee of an item for the food bank for community members and supporters that simply wanted to come and take in the event.

There were stations allowing participants to break boards with their hands and feet in various styles including spin kicks, roundhouse kicks, elbow strikes and hand strikes. Participants were even able to test their abilities by breaking boards blindfolded.

In all, 200 boards were broken at the event and a great time was had by all. Sensei Chris Smeltzer says, “With the help of our community, we more than doubled our original pledge of $350.00 to the Acme Gym by raising over $700 at this event. This project, by the Acme Alumni Association, is important to us because we currently use the existing gym for our tests but we run our classes out of a different location. In the future with a larger facility, we will be able to move our regular classes to the school. The use of a larger space will increase the number of students able to benefit from Karate in our local community.”

Many children, youth, and adults have benefited from having another form of physical activity to participate in. The community partnership between the Acme Karate School, local schools, and the Acme Alumni Association is mutually beneficial.

Kurt Ratzlaff, principal of Acme School says, “This is another organization in our community that is helping students to gain confidence and develop personal discipline, while also supporting their physical and mental health needs. Anytime you have those things working together, the combination has a positive impact on the community.”