Prairie Christian Academy celebrates debt paid in full for Modernization Project

PCA Debt Repayment 2019

The Prairie Christian Academy Society is celebrating that the debt owed on their modernization project has been paid in full.

PCA Society Executive Director Dave Amendt, and Chair of the PCA Society Sharyn Branson, stress that this achievement is not one they could have reached without their faithful supporters, and supportive school division.

In 2014 the PCA Society had a dream of a renovation which could help them grow and thus serve more local families. In 2015, miraculously, the Government of Alberta moved PCA’s bid to the forefront and approved their renovation. Of the $8 million in work to be done, the government was willing to pay for $7 million, leaving PCA to pay the remainder. Included in the remaining million were two classrooms, a larger gymnasium, and a chapel/band/drama space. It was a dream for PCA to have one classroom for each grade, a gym large enough to host provincials and allow students to be consistently active, and a space for the arts so that students could grow their skills. They decided to go ahead with all of the renovations, and began fundraising efforts in 2015.

The school’s renovation was completed in September 2016, and the Golden Hills School Division very graciously gave PCA an interest free loan for the remainder of the money, to be paid back by September 2017. When 2017 rolled around, PCA had raised $550,000. Fundraising was becoming difficult as they were already in the building, and had already reached out to their main supporters. Incredibly, a very generous one-time donation, and an interest free loan for the remainder owed to Golden Hills, meant that PCA could pay off what was owing to Golden Hills. The donor gave PCA three years interest free to pay back the loan, and they were able to do it in two years “truly, truly by the grace of God,” Amendt says.

“So we celebrate today that we can be in a facility that’s debt free and serves and blesses families in the area. To me,” Amendt says, “it’s noteworthy, it’s something outside of what we could have done. We want to thank all of the people who faithfully support us through the PCA banquet. Also, thanks to all the people who volunteer, and people who’ve committed to give towards this project. We are part of a pretty cool community.”

PCA is thankful for the volunteer committee from PCA’s board who did the bulk of the fundraising, and to the Golden Hills School Division who believed in the school and with whom PCA enjoys a fantastic relationship. PCA is also thankful for their alumni who donate, and for local businesses and individuals who have been faithful supporters. Sharyn Branson notes that “we want to make a big deal of thanking everybody!”

The financial contribution is a noteworthy one, as is the motive behind the generosity. Amendt is humbled and “encouraged because people usually give towards what they believe in, all those donors and society members put their energy and their dollars into this project because they believe in what we are doing and why.”