Acme Community Complex Project still a go

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In spite of not receiving the CFEP grant and its matching dollars for the Acme Community Complex, the Acme Alumni Association will continue moving forward with its proposed capital project of a community learning centre and gymnasium. The Association continues to pursue other grants and fundraising and the School is still a number one priority for renovations, repurposing and remodelling for the Golden Hills School Division. “The division has not given up on us and we have about a dozen applications out there with various corporate grants and sponsors,” said Kathy Price. “We had good conversations with the CFEP (Community Facility Enhancement Program) grant committee and we cleared up and tweaked a few misconceptions within the application and we will be ready to reapply this fall.”

Ms. Price explained that there was a disconnect between what constitutes efficiencies in facilities for rural centres versus urban centres and that the Schools in urban centres are ‘just’ schools, where as in rural communities the school is often utilized by the community in various ways, which includes seniors and even dance groups. “Our space reflects the programs offered at the school to meet the needs of the local community, including career connections programs for students. The common area of the school is used a great deal and space is being used in interesting ways. There is a demand on the space we have with a huge need by all age groups.” Kathy further explained that rural schools were built at a time when charging stations, for example, were not required and even though they seem simple, with advancements in technology, schools are all needing to play catch up.

The majority of the dollars for this project are in pledges and will not be collected until required. “Everyone knew that there was no definitive time-frame for this project except to keep moving forward. We are doing that.”

The Alumni Association asks that each citizen contact MLA Nathan Cooper and tell him what this project means to them. “He is working hard behind the scenes but every conversation gives him more perspective, to better advocate on our behalf.”