Village of Carbon presents Carbon School with 3D Printer

Carbon 3D Printer

Carbon Village Council presented Marci Steen, Associate Principal of Carbon School, with a 3D Printer on Monday evening, May 6. “Students will be lined up and anxious to work with the printer,” said a very excited Ms. Steen. “The students have a ‘Wonder Wednesday’ in which they get to work on whatever their passion is and I just know those passions are going to involve this printer.”

Brian Peever, Mayor, also has a great interest in the technology and is grateful to see how the pricing is now affordable for schools and home use. The printer is ‘Anycubic Mega-S’, purchased from amazon for about $400, along with multiple reels of different colour filament. It’s advancements include easy levelling and reduced body shake when printing, for precision work. “We support our school,” said the Mayor, getting nods from all of Council.

Ms. Steen was grateful to have this opportunity being made available to the students (Carbon is K to grade 9). “We appreciate the support of Council and I am excited about the possibilities. Going forward the school will need to investigate what the best plan will be for the printer and where in the school it can be best accessed. This will spark the interest of all students and is an amazing opportunity for them.”

The Mayor held up some of the smaller design projects that they had the printer do for practice, which included a hummingbird, owl, and flute. The technology doesn’t end with cute objects however, and will invigorate a student’s design objectives and incorporate their creativity. The experience will help them forge a path into tomorrow’s job market of innovative problem solving. This is a far cry from when advancement involved taking a manual typewriter to the next level of being electric.