Community Open House scheduled for May 28

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The Town of Trochu held their regular Council meeting May 13, 2019.

Administrator’s Report

Administration advised Council that Mike Haugen, the new CAO of Kneehill County, met with the urban CAO’s within Kneehill County at the Trochu Office for a simple meet and greet. With regard to the Intermunicipal Development Plan, Carl Peterson (CAO) pointed out that the “final amendments to the documents are being processed, with a plan to bring the bylaw to first reading on May 27 with the public hearing to be held on June 10, 2019.” As to the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework, “negotiations continue with the next closed meeting scheduled for May 22.”

The Trochu Housing Corporation met on April 30 and a Community Open House is scheduled for May 28, 2019. The architects have met with Administration to discuss another option regarding a Seniors Care Facility. They have also scheduled a meeting with Kneehill Housing to discuss options. A meeting with stakeholders (and Council) will also occur on May 28. It will be a busy night with the Trochu Seniors Housing Society Annual General Meeting scheduled for 5:30 p.m. at the Trochu Baptist Fellowship Centre, followed by the open house from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., followed at 7:00 p.m. with an information meeting with the Architectural Firm AFG. The area structure plan and annexation of land will be on the agenda.

Administration has been interviewing for lifeguards and feel they have a sufficient number of suitable candidates, which will allow for the provision of a full schedule.

The first official ‘Asset Management Committee’ meeting identified the next steps of Asset Management. This would include contacting suppliers of ‘City Wide’ (for asset management software) for estimates, a meeting and demonstration. An Asset Management Policy has to be developed. Administration will work with Palliser to develop asset information lists to be integrated into the software and mapping. They will also look into the purchase of a laptop equipped with Geographic Information System (GFI) and on-site updating.

The design requirements for the medical marijuana facility are still in progress. However, they hope to begin the perimeter fencing by the middle of May.

A previously applied for government grant for $14,000 to allow for upgrades to the ‘new’ Town office entrance, for easier handicap accessibility was turned down once but for whatever reason, was reconsidered and it has now been accepted. The Town’s portion was $8,000, giving them $22,000 to do the upgrades. The work is to be finished within the year.

Spring Luncheon

Clr. Lumley reported on her Arboretum Board meeting’s annual general meeting and election of officers. It is also the Arboretum’s 30th anniversary. “Ideas were being thrown around for an event with which to celebrate.” The Trochu Arboretum Society’s Spring Luncheon barbecue with burgers, smokies and salad, for a nominal fee, will be held on the afternoon of that very busy day of May 28. The luncheon hours are from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Deputy Mayor Bill Cunningham reported on an Emergency Management seminar and information he learned from it, including the rights and responsibilities of a community declaring an emergency.

Director of Operations


The pool was opened on Saturday, May 11 and on Monday, May 13, school swim lessons began. Since April 1, when the arena ice was removed, the arena has been used for multiple ball practices for both Trochu and Three Hills teams. On May 5 it was the venue for a baseball clinic to teach skills and suggest drills to kids.

Bins were delivered on May 3, for only one month, for disposal of furniture.

Two summer students have been hired for Public Works, with one a ‘returnee’ with four years experience with the Town. Operations met with an arborist regarding starting up a tree nursery at the cemetery and the wildflower plots there were mowed down.

The Director reported on the situation with the Service Road, explaining that a large frost heave broke up the asphalt. He advised that poor road bed material was removed and replaced with a proper gravel base, citing that this was another example of high water table combined with improper road base and the damage it can cause.

Conversations and site visits continue with various contractors regarding Pontmain School abatement and demolition.

ATCO repaired three streetlights in Regency Close.

The water reservoir cleaning company dove underwater into the Town’s reservoir to clean up accumulated dirt, silt and debris that can gather at the bottom. The Town was supplied with a video and there were no resulting concerns or problems. The reservoir itself was in good condition.

The oil company began pumping from the lagoon on May 7 and will require 10,000 m3 of water. Council was relieved to hear this. Manhole locks on all manholes, leading to the lagoon, were installed in the hopes of decreasing chances of any illegal dumping of hydro-carbons or chemicals that may influence the biology of the lagoon.

Various storm sewer catch basins or culverts were cleaned out, pumped out, dug out, or steamed so snow melt will flow through the proper channels and Public Works will be spending some time this spring making modifications, upgrades or performing maintenance to some of the recurring , troublesome areas to aid in future spring thaw drainage.