Third set of twins born to Taylor and Pamela Armstrong


Taylor and Pamela Armstrong, of Red Deer, are on a parenting journey which they never expected to be on. The couple recently gave birth to their third set of twins. Yes, their third set of twins! According to doctors, there is a one in 500,000 chance of naturally giving birth to three sets of twins.

The Armstrong’s eldest children are nine years old, the next two are five years old, and the last set, Maverick and Blakely, were born on April 20. The family is adjusting well to now being a family of eight, and though parents, Taylor and Pam, are short on sleep, they are enjoying their new babies.

Koch Twins

Pamela’s parents are Elroy and Carol Koch, of Three Hills, and her grandparents are Ray and May Johnson, of Three Hills.

Great Grandparents Twins

Grandma May Johnson gave birth to one set of twins, so Pam and her cousins grew up knowing that there would be a chance that any of them could give birth to twins as well. Pam, however, never actually thought that she would give birth to multiples.

When Taylor and Pam found out they were pregnant for the first time, Taylor, a jokester by nature, suggested that it sure would be neat to have twins. Pam laughed it off and told him to “quit with the jokes.” Pam had an early ultrasound at seven weeks with Dr. Husband in Three Hills and only one baby was visible. Jokingly Taylor asked, “are you sure there’s just one in there?” to which Dr. Husband replied, “not unless one’s hiding!” Four weeks later at her next ultrasound it became clear that she was indeed carrying two babies! She knew instantly that they would need a bigger car.

Because of Taylor’s comical personality, when the couple told their families the news of their first pregnancy, no one actually believed him. Pam describes it as “a hilarious process to convince our families that it was the truth, and not just Taylor trying to pull a fast one.”

The next time around, it was, of course, known that there was an increased chance of twins again, though Pam did not suspect it would actually happen. This third time, Taylor and Pam just had to laugh at God’s sense of humour.

When she’s out with all of the kids, Pam finds herself frequently the subject of some attention. Her first set of twins, Parker and Emery, look different enough that it isn’t as obvious that they are twins. Her girls, the next set, like the attention and enjoy dressing alike and broadcasting that they are twins. Now with two young babies it is difficult to be conspicuous.

Taylor and Pam’s parents have been an immense help, pitching in with housework, cleaning, and cooking, as have their friends and their church family. The Armstrong’s find themselves surrounded by “a great village” as they raise their six children. The older kids also have been very helpful in getting meals ready, helping with the babies, and setting the table and loading the dishwasher.

The Armstrongs, Kochs, and Johnsons were able to spend time together over the Mother’s Day weekend. Pam says she feels a connection to her Grandma May now that they have both had twins. May gave birth to Grace (now Grace Wiens of Three Hills) and Gordie, though sadly Gordie passed away at three months old due to complications from surgery. Seeing Pam’s twins all born healthy has been a healing experience for Ray and May, and they’ve very much enjoyed spending time with their great-grandchildren.