Jr. Achievement Coordinator presents to Town Council

Mayor Tim Shearlaw called the June 10, 2019 Regular Council meeting to order at 5:32 PM.

Mayor Shearlaw welcomed Prairie Christian Academy Executive Director, David Amendt to Council. David was present to express the gratitude of the Prairie Christian Academy to the Town of Three Hills for their support and generous funding toward the establishment of a playground, basketball court and ball diamond.

Charity Vollmann, the Junior Achievement Program Coordinator for East Central Alberta gave a somewhat abbreviated report of Junior Achievement Programs in this region, but highlighted the program presented at the Three Hills School in the Investment Strategies Sessions and at the Prairie Christian Academy in the World of Choices Session.

Council members received the report with much interest and some questions. The comments whenever these programs of Junior Achievement are shared is “I wish they had this when I was in school.”, or, “These should be extended for longer times so that they are part of a “business curriculum”.

Ten items were on the agenda under “New Business”.

The first item was a review of the Cruise Weekend. There was of course the larger overview of the whole event and how very successful it was, and how nicely the weather cooperated, and the number of vehicles entered and the number of first timers to attend. But Jaqueline Buchanan, the Economic Development Officer, concentrated primarily on involvement of the Town of Three Hills Staff and Council in dedication of time and equipment and volunteer work.

An earlier consideration by Council was to gather further information regarding attending an Agri Trade Equipment Trade Show in November of this year. The motion approved in today’s meeting is that Council will proceed to consider whether or not they might have someone attend as a spectator.

In anticipation of the annual Global 6K Run/Walk Fundraiser being held on June 30, following the Community “Canada Day” Service being held at Anderson Park, Council approved the necessary barricading of town roads where the run will take place.

In March of 2018 a (fluorescent) light bulb recycling program was brought forward to Council which resulted in a service being presented to the residents free of charge. Having considered the success thus far, Council has directed Administration to proceed with the bulb recycling program at no cost to residents for 2019.

Two requests for “Remission of Water & Sewer Consumption Charges” were brought before Council but circumstances were quite different in each case and Council for the one “authorizes the CAO to reduce the utility account for water and sewer consumption based on an historical usage.” In the other incident, Council had to express itself that “although sympathetic to the circumstances, it declines the request to forgive the additional increases incurred to the utility account.”

Coming out of these discussions Council has directed that “Administration present a draft policy for Council’s review regarding how requests for reductions or cancellations of utility fees and penalties are to be evaluated and approved by Administration or Council.”

Continuing under the heading of the Recruitment of a Permanent CAO, and the process that anticipates a “short list” of applicants to be ready within the next two weeks, Council authorizes Administration to arrange interviews for the CAO position on July 3, 4, and 5, 2019.”

Council also approved the formation of a Recruitment Committee to participate in short listing and preparation of interviews for the CAO position, and that Councillors Al Campbell, Marilyn Sept and Vernon Wiebe be on that Committee.

Related to this, Council has confirmed that the current direction that the Director of Finance and the Director of Operations and Infrastructure position not be filled until a permanent CAO is hired.

The final item was to accept as information as presented the report from the Kneehill County that the Kneehill County Urban Recreation Funding for 2019 has been granted. That amount had not been figured in Budget deliberations because at the time it was uncertain if this amount would be forthcoming.

The Councillor’s & Mayor’s reports indicate a busy week.

On June 1 Councillor Hamm and the Mayor attended the Town Booth set up for Cruise Weekend.

June 3: Deputy Mayor Wildeman and Mayor Shearlaw distributed letters to landowners per water line installations.

June 4: Councillors Campbell, Hamm, Deputy Mayor Wildeman attended Water Treatment Plant meetings. Mayor Shearlaw attended the Seniors Outreach AGM.

June 6: Councillor Wiebe attended to Kneehill Housing duties. Councillor Sept attended a Library Board meeting.

June 8: Councillor Hamm and Mayor Shearlaw participated in the Carbon Parade.

June 10: Councillor Hamm was in Olds for a CAEP meeting. Mayor Shearlaw was in meetings with acting CAO Ron Leaf

The Management report was presented in printed form to the Councillors.

With the acceptance of the Bank Reconciliation Statements and Correspondence the regular meeting came to a close at 7:43 pm. After a short break, Council then had one item to deal with in “Closed Session”.

TH PCA Grant

Dave Amendt, right, Prairie Christian Academy (PCA) Executive Director, stopped in at Monday’s regular meeting of Three Hills Town Council. Dave offered sincere thanks to Mayor and Council for the $10,000 grant PCA received in support of their Recreational Area Development Project. Pictured with Dave is Three Hills Mayor Tim Shearlaw. The funds resulted by PCA applying to the “Municipal Grants to Community Groups” program - Three Hills. Each year grant applications must be in by September 30.