Trochu celebrates Canada Day in style

Canada Day Parade 1

It’s 10:30 and the sidewalks and lawns along Main Street start to fill up with people vying for the best vantage point to view Trochu’s Canada Day parade. You can get a sense of the anticipated excitement by the voluminous cacophony that disturbs the usually quiet neighbourhood. Children start taking their places at the curbside in order to grab the candy that will be hurled their way by the parade floats and vehicles.

At 11 am sharp the first siren can be heard from around the corner. It announces the parade has started. Leading the parade are two people mounted on horseback. Then follows the plethora of floats and parade vehicles. Many local businesses have entered one or the other to participate in this year’s event. Farm vehicles of varying sizes occupy the center of Main Street. Fire trucks and Ambulances make their presence known by the sounding of their sirens. There weren’t as many classic vehicles as in years gone by. The ones that did make an appearance added a certain nostalgia to the festivities. Sadly however, absent from the festivities were the clowns.

There was enough candy tossed to rival any Halloween trick-or-treat collection. Both children and parents scurried to gather the candies that didn’t quite make it to the curbside. The parade of excitement continued for close to thirty-five minutes. The general feeling in the air indicated a satisfaction with the parade procession and haul of assorted candy. As quickly as the onlookers had gathered before the parade they filtered away afterwards.

Ball Tournament results

The ball tournament started Friday night and finished Monday afternoon with 20 team participating.

Red Deer’s Budlight team and Trochu’s Yard Goats were the teams in the A final. They decided not to play due to the strong winds that blew in.

B Final was won by Cripplers.

C Final was won by Loaded Bases.

D Final was won by Unicorns.

E Final was won by Tropic Thunder.