30th Annual Rumsey Ride for STARS goes August 11, 2019

STARS Richmond Family

The 30th Annual Rumsey Ride for STARS is set for August 11, 2019 held at the TL Bar Ranch.

While the riders no doubt are well informed as to details about signing up and sponsorship, it may not be so well known that one doesn’t have to be a rider to get in on all the activities and to contribute to the fund raising opportunities.

This is primarily a two to three hour ride through the Red Deer River Valley, where riders have raised support in way of sponsors. But on site there will be three meal events with the money raised from them going to STARS. So these begin with the Rumsey Fire Department Pancake Breakfast, then the “Gooch’s Gang Lunch” and then the Country Cookers beef supper.

But one might also want to place bids on items on the Silent Auction, buy tickets for the quilt raffle, engage in the Poker Rally, or try your “luck” on the 50/50 Pie Throw opportunity.

There is no cost to taking in Jill Brodie’s Duck and Dog demonstration.

This year is dedicated to the Richmond Family in recognition of their years of commitment. In Rob Richmond’s words: “Starting with Stella Richmond (the quilt lady), through our dad, Leonard (Gooch) Richmond, long time volunteer to present with the Richmonds and our Gooch’s Gang.”

This year will also feature: “an awards ceremony honouring top pledge earners, surprise special guests and this year’s VIP (Very Important Patient) Blair Anderson (Rumsey resident) with his STARS story.

Another quote from Rob. “The 30th ride will continue … the longest running fund raiser for STARS in Alberta!!! We always say, ‘Rumsey’s ride for STARS … more than a tradition.’”