Highway 21 construction update: August Long Weekend

Trochu Highway Aug 1 2019

Highway 21 is currently being resurfaced from Trochu to Huxley. “The condition of the road was getting rougher and this resurfacing has been slated since 2016,” noted Dave Nelson, Director of Operations for the Town of Trochu. Crews began the construction around early July. Shoulders will be widened at the Trochu intersection, by 1-1/2 meters at each corner. Guard rails will be replaced with cable. There will also be 8 new standards with LED lighting at the Trochu intersection. The construction should be complete by mid to late August, including line painting. Travellers should expect minor delays, with one lane open. The construction crew is taking a 4-day long weekend beginning August 2 and the speed zone through the construction site for this weekend only will be limited to 80 km/hr. When road crews return from the weekend, the speed will go back to construction safety speeds.