County residents to choose new logo

Kneehill Logo Contest Edit

Kneehill County is getting a facelift for its 75th Anniversary. The County decided to have its residents choose a new logo which they feel best represents the County and whichever gets the most votes before August 31 will become the new official logo of Kneehill. Three of the four logo options were designed by Red Pine out of Calgary, and one was designed in-house.

Residents may be wondering why Council has decided to change the logo now. Historically the County has celebrated special anniversaries with commemorative projects, as Communications Officer Christine Anderson says, “in 1994, for the M.D of Kneehill’s 50th Anniversary, over 700 Township and Range Road signs were erected on all County roads. For our 60th Anniversary in 2004, newly designed “Welcome to Kneehill County” signs were installed on all major entrances into the municipality. Those highway signs were installed 15 years ago, and have recently begun to rapidly deteriorate. Recognizing that the highway signs need to be replaced, Council is taking the opportunity to refresh the organization at the same time—rebranding with a new logo, new highway signs, new corporate standards, and an updated website, all to commemorate the 75th Anniversary!”

The four logo choices are all meant to represent an aspect of Kneehill County. The first seeks to represent the blue sky, green grass, and yellow fields in the County, combining the traditional logo with modern elements.

The second is quite different from the traditional logo, but features the rolling hills of the County, one of which is attached to the “K”.

The third logo option has an icon meant to illustrate the sunset sky, grassland, hills, coulees, and streams—the dominant geographic features of the area.

Finally, the fourth logo uses gradient colours in a more abstract representation of sun and sky, with sunlit hills, prairies, and creeks.

The current logo of the County was designed in 2003 by an internal committee, then touched-up by Skytone Printing and Graphics. It was finalized on September 23, 2003.

Only residents of Kneehill County are eligible to vote, which includes the hamlets of Huxley, Swalwell, Torrington, Sunnyslope, and Wimborne. Each resident gets only one vote and voting closes August 31, 2019.  Residents may go to to register their vote or vote in person at the Kneehill County Office.  Following the deadline, on Friday, September 13th there will be a celebration from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm at the Three Hills Curling Rink. Anderson notes “we’ll have beef on a bun, historic photos and maps on display, will announce the photo contest winners, and unveil our new logo!”