Senior’s Housing Meeting scheduled for late August

Trochu LOGO

The Town of Trochu held their regular Council meeting August 12, 2019.

Administrator’s Report

Trochu CAO Carl Peterson is currently working on a draft of an Emergency Management Bylaw to conform to the latest legislation requirements, to be in effect prior to January 1, 2020. In regard to LED lighting, Carl noted to Council that it was recommended Trochu proceed with a higher wattage in the downtown area and Highway 585. The project is still a year away, with time this fall yet, to check for ‘dark’ areas and the best way to address them, including associated costs for the various choices. The next Senior’s Housing advisory meeting is scheduled for late August. The next Housing Corporation meeting is scheduled for Sept 10, 2019 while a meeting with Covenant Health is scheduled for September 23, 2019. Mapping that will be used for the Area Structure Plan is being finalized as the environmental work has been completed and Traffic Impact assessment is underway. Preliminary grading and underground design has also been completed. An updated Hazardous Material assessment was completed for Pontmain Demolition. Tender closed on August 8. Carl advised Council that Didsbury had recently completed the Municipal Investment Attraction Readiness Assessment/Coaching program and advised of its value and that the Town of Didsbury would sign on for another level. Council was advised that two spots are remaining in the program. Administration drafted an amended agreement with the Library Board, citing the Town’s responsibility for weed control. A protocol will be developed to allow the Arboretum Board easier access to post items on Facebook and the website, while ensuring that security remains in place. The Peace Officer agreement has been updated and will move to the County for their signatures.

Director of Operations


The pool is operating as expected, Council was advised and the annual inspection from the Alberta boiler Association was good. The pool will be drained (Sept 4) after the September long weekend and the pool-resurfacing has been scheduled to start immediately after. The resurfacing project came in slightly under budget ($145,500 and the budget was $150,000) but there were a couple of issues that raised the total cost to $153,000. A grant has been applied for that would fully cover the cost of the ‘recreational facility energy efficiency inspection’. A company will inspect the arena and pool for energy usage and recommend improvements to further reduce energy costs.

The large garbage bins and cardboard bin have been repaired and maintained. Public Works crew assisted a tree removal company with hauling large branches and trunks away to the transfer site. Numerous loads of dirt and brick were hauled from the main and lower entrance area of the Trochu Community Hall. All previous water break areas were filled (two on Main Street, two on Arena Ave., St. Mary’s Church). The Street was patched on Pontmain St., and Baptist Church. Old, broken pavement was cut out on Railway Ave., and Royal Way and patched with new asphalt. Safe Sidewalks was able to lift the sinking concrete sidewalk at 307 Arena Ave. Pallister Regional Municipal Services received updates on Trochu’s maps, considering that some streets hadn’t been updated since they were built and calls to 911 along with others had no record of these streets. A spelling error of a street was also fixed so it could be located when searching with computer software. 911 has been updated.

A water main line at 434 Pontmain Rd was repaired July 22. The cast iron line had a longitudinal crack along the bottom of the pipe. Water was shut off for a number of hours for the seven residences along Pontmain Rd. Test results on water samples afterward were satisfactory. A residential service line water break at 506 Poplar Ave., was repaired and only the one residence was affected.

The oil company pumped effluent water from lagoon to oil well for tracing purposes. This time they used 38,689 m3 and with a prior draw of 7800 m3, they have used 44,000 m3 in total. The Mayor asked what that total meant for levels of lagoon. “We were overfull (at that lagoon),” said Dave Nelson “and now it puts us back at the just full mark.” He further added that “50,000 m3 affects the level in the lagoon by about only a quarter.” Dave went out on the lagoon to assist a third party company in testing for dissolved oxygen levels. The test will assist decisions for treatment of high ammonia levels in the lagoon, to prepare for release in the fall.

A company was hired to send a camera down the majority of sewer lines in town for documentation of conditions and the report will be used as data to be included for asset management. GPS receiver equipment has been received to map the town’s infrastructure.

Town Branding

Council had discussions around developing a new logo and slogan. The project is only in the planning stages and how to move forward, along with an approximate time-line. They will be asking for community input (social media) when they arrive at a few more ideas. Clr. Reeds was hoping the Town could lose the wagon wheel design. Another slogan was mentioned as “Thrive in Trochu”. Said Clr. Lumley, “I know its like we keep trying to invent the wheel but we need to take the initiative, use this opportunity to receive some ideas and possibly even end up with a chamber of commerce, even if its small.”

A motion was approved to move forward on a Municipal Investment Attraction Readiness workshop. Cost would be about $5500.

Another motion was approved (with one opposed) to having the Town donate a tree (maximum cost $500) to the Arboretum in celebration of their milestone 30th Anniversary celebration on August 15 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.. “This is a commemorative piece, representing a milestone,” noted Clr. Lumley. “We really truly value what the Arboretum means to this community.”

Sisters to visit St. Mary’s

for Anniversary

Trochu Arboretum celebrates its 30th Anniversary on Thursday, Aug. 15. Also Thursday, Aug. 15, to celebrate the 110th Anniversary of the original Sisters arriving in Trochu, Sisters will be visiting St. Mary’s at 9:45 a.m. with site tours, speeches and lunch planned for the day.

Motions from In Camera

Council moved to accept MPE’s recommendation to award the Pontman Demolition contract to Dakota Reclamators and set the overall budget for the project at $285,000.

Motion was approved to accept the mapping proposal as developed by Killon Consulting, to be used in the North West Area Structure Plan. A motion was also approved to ‘change the scope’ proposed by Dillon Consulting in regards to project 18-8912.

A motion was approved to enter into a five-year lease agreement at ($5300 per year) with Robert and Phylis Kober for lands associated with the Town’s emergency wells and well house located within the NW Sec 4; Twp 34, Rg 23 W4.

A motion was approved for the total Detailed Engineering & Field Services budget of $223,000 as indicated by CIMA+’s 2019 cost estimate of the Trochu Lagoon Expansion project, dated 4/23/2019.