Trochu Pool liner upgrades begin

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The Town of Trochu held their regular meeting Sept. 19, 2019.

Administrator’s Report

Upgrades to the swimming pool liner have begun and conversations are in the works with senior life guards to get opinions on other improvements that might result in more attendance through the season.

A Senior’s Housing meeting has been scheduled for Sept. 10. Administration advised Council that once the ASP (Area Structure Plan) is completed, funding and grant applications will be pursued. A traffic impact assessment is not finalized. A draft ASP could be ready for early October.

Policies for the proposed ‘Asset Management and Tangible Capital Assets’ will be reviewed by the committee and brought forward to Council.

Although a start date for the demolition of Pontmain has yet to be finalized, Dakota is the prime contractor on site (responsible for all safety requirements) and a pre-demolition meeting was held August 28 with engineers, abatement contractor and demolition contractors. A site evaluation was done to determine power, water, and parking.

A teleconference session with the coaches running the Municipal Investment Attraction Readiness Assessment has been scheduled for September 10, with the actual assessment going forward sometime in early October.

After having attended a training session with regard to Occupational Health and Safety, Administration advises that new policies will be formed, and potentially, a Joint Work Site Health and Safety committee.

Director of Operations


Operations has completed a recreational facility energy efficiency on-site inspection and is now waiting for the final report, due in three to four weeks.

Operations has been putting great effort into winter-preparation clean up work around the parks, boulevards, cemetery, ball diamonds, and gardens with mowing, trimming, spraying, and general tidying up. A lot of garbage was picked up along Railway Avenue. They assisted the golf course by drilling some post holes for wind-breaker fence along the upper campground. Alleys and lanes have been graded and branches were being trimmed at various sites. “We did a lot of tree trimming!” Said Mike. They also did some stump grinding for residents. Public Works had been assisting various contractors involved with the re-surfacing of Hwy 21.

A minor water leak is confounding Operations, such as at the front of the Community Center. “We’re searching for the source of this water and tests of the water’s source are inconclusive.” In the meantime, they replaced the service supply valve and extended the valve rod to the surface, for easy access to shut off. “The leak is minimal for now (therefore not cost effective to perform major work) and we will continue to monitor it.” There was another water leak into the Reder Storage Lot. Water was coming to the surface near a water valve. “The area was excavated to discover there’s a break in an unused water line.” Operations closed the valve to the unused line to eliminate the water into the lot. “Water is still coming to the surface so we’ve made a temporary trough to divert the water until we can locate the source.” Both leaks are minimal. The annual uni-directional water line flushing was completed along with exercising isolation valves and maintaining all fire hydrants. Enzymes were added to the final storage pond lagoon to assist with lowering ammonia levels. “The levels have been decreasing since the May tests and we will continue to test ammonia levels so that we can release water this fall.” Mike explained that the levels were high last fall and peaked this spring but have been coming down ever since, getting very close to release levels.

For asset management purposes, data gathering on facilities is almost completed. A list has also been compiled for location of garbage and cardboard bins for asset trading. Sixty-five percent of the service line shut-off valves have been located and mapped.


Council approved motions accepting the August 2019 bank reconciliation, approved the Asset Management policy as well as the Tangible Capital Assets Accounting Standards and Depreciation policy. A motion was approved to allow the requested Play School signage.


A delegation from the Trochu Library Board supplied Council with a worrying financial report, especially as it relates to a 50% funding cut from the government. The (three-years between) casinos offers some respite for this coming February 2020 but can’t be used for paying wages. The board asked Council to consider paying the staff wages. The board does have a fundraiser planned for this fall as their annual fundraiser. The board would not like to have to depend on the contributions from Elks, Lions and Businesses but its very much appreciated. Memberships to the Trochu library are $5 for one and $10 for a family.

The Trochu Golf & Country Club noted that the current Managers are done this coming October (2019) as their contract has traditionally been April 1 to October 31. The Board would like to move forward with a more long-term contract (however, that could be arranged) and also asked Council to consider having its staff lend a hand with web site updates and design elements. They consider themselves financially ‘comfortable’ and almost free of all debt but could use some support. They have 12 new memberships that come with six campsites but their green fees are down a bit. Their applications to the County for grants for gravel and ground work were turned down. They would like to have a prepared business plan for the next 10-20 years, to make the club more sustainable. They are willing to try different things. The delegation supplied lots of discussion points that Council wishes to reflect on.

Council Reports

Clr. Armstrong advised Council that the Alberta Farm Days is a huge success but Wild Rose Community Futures would like to pass on the coordination and direction to the industry itself. He noted that $55,000 of income was directly related to this year’s farm days participants, based on participant surveys.