Inter Pipeline holds Open House

Three Hills Lateral Factsheets

On October 16, 2019, Inter Pipeline held an Open House in Three Hills in the Centennial Arena Encana Room, for its proposed Three Hills Lateral Project. Inter Pipeline had 12 representatives at the event to field the questions of individuals who attended between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

A good bit of information concerning the Pipeline Development Phases, and the Environmental and Biophysical studies, and Reclamation Plans and maps were available in print. The Team members were answering any questions directed their way.

Shelby Hamilton, Regulatory Manager, provided the following summary for the “Three Hills Lateral” project:

“Inter Pipeline is proposing to construct a new steel pipeline and associated lease automated custody transfer (LACT) sites. The project will be separated into two pipeline segments (South and North):

• The South Segment: One 219.8 mm (NPS 8”) approximately 27 km pipeline to connect an existing site at 8-5-32-25W4M [north side of Hwy 583 at intersection of Hwy 806] to an existing site at 4-1-34-24 W4M

• The North Segment: One 323.8mm (NPS12”) approximately 74 km pipeline to connect the existing site at 4-1-34-24 W4M to Inter Pipeline’s existing Stettler Station located at 5-15-38-20 W4M

The project is intended to transport crude oil to the Stettler Station from oil producers located in the Three Hills area. It is anticipated that pumps may be required to support the LACTs at 04-01 and 16-05. All applicable consultation and approvals will be completed prior to the commencement of any work at these locations.

The planning phases of this project are well underway including various environmental assessments and biophysical studies. Pipeline construction is scheduled to commence in June 2020 and be completed prior to the winter season. Inter Pipeline will complete post-construction cleanup activities and reclamation throughout 2020 and 2021. The Three Hills Lateral Project is scheduled to be in-service in the second quarter of 2020.”