Marilyn Sept elected Deputy Mayor at Organizational Meeting

Deputy Mayor Sept

The regular Council Meeting of October 28 was preceded by the Organizational meeting which was called to order by Mayor Shearlaw at 5:41 p.m.

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) and Procedural Bylaws require that several matters be attended to annually.

The first item was the appointment of the Deputy Mayor. That office is held as a one year term. Therefore the following recommended action was passed unanimously after Marilyn Sept was nominated.

“That Council appoints Marilyn Sept as Deputy Mayor for a one-year term expiring at the 2020 Organizational Meeting.”

Mayor Shearlaw then administered the “Oath of Office” and her role as Deputy Mayor became effective immediately.

The following “Recommended Actions” were adopted and are self-explanatory in their phrasing:

3.2 “That the Council Representatives on Boards, Commissions, and Committees be accepted as amended.”

3.3 “That the Council Meeting Dates & Times be accepted as presented.”

3.4 “That Council appoint BDO Canada LLP as Auditors for the 2019 year-end.”

3.5 “That Council appoint Stephen Washington of Wildrose Assessment Services Inc. the position of assessor for a term expiring at the 2020 Organizational Meeting.”

3.6 “That Council designates the Royal Bank as the financial institution for the Town of Three Hills for the fiscal year January 01 to December 31, 2020.”

3.7 “That Bylaw 1435-19 being a Bylaw of the Town of Three Hills to Provide for a Revolving Line of Credit Loan with RBC Royal Bank be presented for and given all three readings at this meeting.”

[Then the formality of reading first, second, third and final reading with UNANIMOUS consent takes place.]

The “Organizational Meeting” adjourned at 6:09 and the “Regular Meeting” commenced at 6:10.

Here also, the resolutions for the most part, express the totality of what was covered and apart from the discussion around Franchise Fee Rates, the “background information” and material presented to Council was straight forward and allowed the following motions to be passed with no additional questions or discussions being required.

Old Business: 6.1 Harvest Hills Franchise Fee “… that Harvest Hills Gas Co-op Franchise Fee percentage remain at 13% for 2020.”

Bylaws: 7.1 “… Bylaw No. 1434-19 Council Procedural Bylaw as revised be presented for and given first [and second, and third and final] reading. “

New Business: 8.1 “… that Councillors (and here all the Councillors allowed their names to be entered… providing they were in town) volunteer their time to assist with the 2020 Winter Celebration.” At this time the tentative date set for this event is January 18. --- weather permitting.

8.2 “… that Council authorizes the closure of the Town Aquatic Centre at 4:30 pm on Saturday, December 7th, 2019 to allow staff to attend the Town Christmas Party.”

8.3 “… that Council accepts the Town Office – Christmas Holiday Closure for information as presented.”

8.4 “… that Council accepts the proclamation of Family Violence Prevention Month as information presented.”

8.5 “…that notice be sent to the Kneehill Regional Partnership Steering Committee informing them that the Town of Three Hills Council supports the proposed revisions to the Kneehill Regional Doctor Recruitment & Retention Task Force Terms of Reference and proposes that a meeting be called by the Kneehill Regional Partnership Steering Committee to formally adopt the amended Terms of Reference.”

8.6 “…that Council approve revision to CAO agreement for the November 2019 CMML (Certificate in Municipal Management & Leadership) course in Lethbridge as opposed to Airdrie.”

8.7 “…that Council directs Administration to withdraw its membership from the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance effective March 31st, 2020.” [Council retains its membership in the Red Deer River Municipal Users Group.]

8.8 “…that Council authorizes Administration to dispose of the aforementioned assets (listed in the document presented to Council) as per policy.”

8.9 “…that Council directs Administration to proceed with the Alberta Capital Finance Authority (ACFA) Loan Application to borrow the $5,871,767.00 for the Water Treatment Plant Upgrades over a 20-year term.”

At this point (6:52 pm.) Council moved into “Closed Session”.

When Regular Meeting was resumed, it was moved that Council awards the Water Treatment Plant Upgrade Project to Chandos (Construction Ltd.) in the amount of $13,484,985.00.

There was no Financial Report and no Management Report.

The following meetings were attended by the Councillors and Mayor as indicated:

Oct. 15: Councillor Hamm- Preparatory work for Economic Growth meeting.

Oct 16 and 17: All of the Councillors and Mayor Shearlaw met with CAO Alan Parkin for a Strategic Planning Meeting.

Oct. 16; Councillor Campbell- Dr. R & R;

Oct. 17: Councillors Wiebe and Sept - Kneehill Housing

Oct. 19: Mayor Shearlaw attended the PCA Fundraiser Supper. Deputy Mayor Wildeman attended the Golf Club Fundraiser supper.

Oct. 21: Mayor Shearlaw, Councillors Hamm and Campbell attended the Economic Growth meeting.

Oct. 24. Councillor Sept took in the Harvest for Kids event. Mayor Shearlaw attended the Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards Supper.

Oct. 25. Councillor Hamm attended the SAEWA meeting in Strathmore.

Mayor Shearlaw and Deputy Mayor Wildeman were at meetings receiving updates from the RCMP.

There was also a meeting of the “Committee of the Whole” and an ICF meeting which Councillors attended.

One item of correspondence was received as information. It was from WiMacTel Canada- advising that the last payphone in Three Hills (at the Three Hills Health Care Centre) was removed on October 11.

The October 28 meeting of the Three Hills Council adjourned at 8:14 pm.