Prairie College and Carey Theological College announce partnership

Prairie College Signing

Prairie College and Carey Theological College (in Vancouver, BC) have announced a partnership in which Prairie students are fast-tracked to a Master of Divinity Degree. A Master of Divinity Degree is a professional degree, designed for people who want to be in full-time Christian work. Carey’s President, Dr. Colin Godwin, was on hand for a signing ceremony and luncheon reception including a time for questions from the local community.

Students who enroll in Prairie College’s Pastoral Bachelor Degree have the choice to take the accelerated route to Carey’s Master of Divinity, meaning that rather than taking a full four years at Prairie then three years at Carey, students cut one year out of each program, avoiding any duplication, in order to get into ministry as soon as possible. This partnership is a unique initiative in Canada; while some schools have an accelerated option in-house (an accelerated Bachelor and Master program from the same school) Prairie and Carey are the first to form an inter-collegiate accelerated MDiv.

Prairie College’s Dean of Education, Dr. Glenn Loewen, says “We don’t want duplication but do want to have students be prepared, without cheating or minimizing either school. We’ve done all we can to be efficient and have our students prepared for ministry.”

The format of the degree ensures that students already engaged in ministry can stay in their local context without having to move, as it is available fully online in addition to being available on campus.

For Carey’s President, Dr. Colin Godwin, “It’s exciting because we can elevate each of our strengths. We have so much in common…we both are passionate about sending out Christian workers. Carey is very interested in training people for ministry, and not just in the library. We have mentorship built into our degrees so that students will be completing internships in local contexts…We want to get our students in the habit of forming these relationships so they will have longevity in ministry.”

Dr. Loewen closed the question and answer time saying, “We have a great start at Prairie. In the curriculum here you’ll have 39 credit hours of bible and theology, and a good foundation in the arts and sciences to broaden your education. It’s a wonderful platform to go into deeper studies at Carey and prepare for ministry.”