County hosts Discovery Night in Acme

Acme County Discovery 2019

Lots to learn about regarding Project and Service Information at the Kneehill County Discovery Fair, held in Acme on Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019. Beginning at 4:30 p.m. and going to 7:00 p.m. the County provided hamburgers and hot dogs, barbecued by 4-H Club members. There were lots of different treats and activities for the kids. There were door prizes for those staying their discovery cards with twelve stations, including Council, Communications, Protective Services, Roads, Planning, Parks, KRFCSS, Ag Services, Garbage & Recycling, Water, HR, and Finance.

The Churchill Area Water System Rehabilitation Project has begun its construction. The system was inherited by the County and it was unreliable for many, having been designed for only 27 residential users and with restricted flow. It is a 35-40 year old system. The County’s project includes a re-engineered system, increasing the number and size of some waterlines, re-aligning some of the waterlines, construction of a reservoir and pump house, including a bulk fill station. The distribution lines are now complete and the County is currently working on the reservoir with work continuing through to December 2019. Residents considered adjacent (within 100 meters) of an installed water line, may submit a water model application and relevant fee to the County. All residence services will be retrofitted with a flow restrictor and a pressure regulator. The current source of water is treated at the Town of Drumheller water treatment plant.

All of Council, including the CAO and department managers were in attendance. Clr. Keiver was unavailable to attend. Reeve Wittstock said a few words to the attendees. It was difficult to tell how many attended as the hall is large and the stations were spread out. It was a good opportunity to have some direct time with any of the Councillors or the department heads. This is an excellent way to meet ratepayers versus the County’s usual rate-payer meetings. As one Councillor said, “This is more engaging without the venting.” Ratepayers can visit any station that interests them without having to sit through all the talks by the different council members as well.

This Discovery Fair is definitely a more engaging route and where else would you get to see real bodies of muskrat, Norway rat and the gopher.