Pool resurfacing completed in Trochu

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Trochu’s November 12th Town Council Meeting was a short one, with only a few items to be reported on, mostly in the area of Operations.

It was reported that the pool re-surfacing was completed on October 18th. An excellent job was done, and the few minor deficiencies will be touched-up in the Spring (the early snowfall prevented these from being fixed). Council previously made a motion to dis-allow landfill scavenging on November 1 and since then it is reported that there’s been no trespassing of the new rule.

The Pontmain School has been demolished completely, with the only hiccup being the surprisingly thick concrete frost walls, 18 inches thick and filled with rebar! The crew working on the demolition were cooperative and worked overtime to get the job done. The concrete will be ground and re-used.

The new front door for the town office has arrived and will be installed quickly.

In the area of water and waste-water, sewer lines in town were flushed with the new flusher, which worked very well and saved time and money, hopefully leading to fewer repairs in the future.

The Administrator’s Report focused on the Lagoon expansion, and the three different options the town is currently investigating as they consider moving forward on the project. One option is “Living Sky” which has gained approval in Saskatchewan and BC, but not in Alberta. The CAO in Airdrie will be in contact with the town about this option. Magna Solution is another potential option.

In Council Reports, Councillor Armstrong reported on his recent Community Futures Wildrose meeting. On which December 18th the CP Holiday Train will land in Gleichen, and the hope is that this could be the date for a winter open farm day in Wheatland County, potentially to expand to be a province-wide event.

Councillor Reeds touched on his Watershed Alliance meeting in Sundre, and in municipal planning noted that Sweetgrass Café has re-done their store front, and are hosting their Pre-Grand Opening Thank You event on November 20th.

Councillor Stephan shared about his Restorative Justice Committee meeting at the end of October, noting that the emphasis has changed from educating young people to now receiving referrals from schools to intervene and deal with the issues directly. In Stephan’s view, this approach will be more effective and he is impressed with the passionate work the coordinator is investing.

Deputy Mayor Munro informed Council that the library has a new website up and running, are training staff, and will be posting policies and procedures as well as minutes from their meetings to the website.

In New Business, there was a request for a private skating rink on town property. This is a property owner seeking to use the empty town lot adjacent to his to install a small skating rink for his kids. Council, with all in favour, approved this motion.