Trochu Arboretum’s Forest of Lights a huge success

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Deputy Mayor Munro chaired Trochu Council’s first meeting of the new year. Mayor Kletke is away on holiday and Clr. Cunningham was also absent. During the housekeeping portion, a few training courses, meetings and presentations were discussed for the new year.

Administrator’s Report

Administration stated that the Arboretum’s Forest of Lights was exceptional and perhaps due to the mild weather, attendance was up. The Hay House will be advertising for a tenant soon. Later in the meeting, Clr. Lumley added that there were hot dog nights that raised $350-$400 and the Town itself on its night went through ten dozen hot dogs. “The Arboretum is being shown great support from other organizations and the Town. There were visitors that came from Red Deer and Sylvan Lake areas and that it really helped having some good weather. “

Administration noted that to date there has been no response received from the County after a presentation was made to them on behalf of the Trochu Housing Corp on Nov. 26. In the meantime, Sam Smalldon has been working on a Memorandum of Understanding relating to the working relationship with Covenant Health, which was one of the clarifications asked about by the County.

Administration met with Magna and Alberta Environment & Parks in Red Deer to discuss Magna’s proposal relating to lagoon upgrades. As well, Carl said he spoke with Alberta Transportation regarding the transfer of funds from a Lagoon Expansion to a Wastewater Treatment Plant. The matter will be discussed with the Town and others at a joint meeting.

The Town will begin interviewing for a facility manager mid January. A ‘Robust Community Profile’ is being developed for the Town, to start late January. A meeting has been proposed with Alberta Transportation Minister, McIver for January 20, 2020 at his office. A change in water operator certification requirements means the Town’s operators can no longer qualify for a Level 1 Water Treatment certificate, because Trochu’s system with pump house and reservoir is only considered a distribution system and not a treatment plant. They can still receive a Level 1 Water Distribution Certificate.

A Bylaw for the rezoning of the property located at 416 Arena Ave (former Town office) is being developed, to be presented for first reading on Jan 13, 2020.


At the Palliser Regional Municipal Services, Annual General Meeting the 2020 requisition was approved, which remains the same as 2019. Council approved its requisition (which remained the same as last year).

Council approved the new Drumheller Solid Waste Management requisition, which Administration felt was just under a 2% increase and they chose option one for the Transtor Loan payment and interest payment schedule.

Council approved the December 2019 bank reconciliation. The Canadian Badlands 2020 requisition was approved with its small increase for 2020. Council also approved the 2020-01 Pontmain Road Infrastructure Investigation. The entire project is to be included in the report but Council can approve parts of the project as it sees fit or do the entire project at once.

Council approved a $200 donation toward the Kidsport 11th Annual Meat Spiel and another motion approved was for the Seniors Drop-In Centre annual donation with a $250 per year donation for two years.

Council moved to hold back on the six street lights it had approved and add a seventh to the list (for the St. Paul’s United Church street light request). The difference in time will only be about six weeks for the delay but the extra light will be rolled into the other with a lot less cost difference.

A motion was approved to reduce the rate slightly for Minor Hockey Arena Rates, to be more in line with Three Hills.

Bylaws, Policies

Bylaw 2020-01 for the Municipal Borrowing Bylaw was approved with all three readings and Bylaw 2020-02 for Land Use bylaw 2015-09 amendment was given first reading and its public hearing will be held Feb 5. A motion was approved for the Fire Protection Services Memorandum of Understanding.

Director Of Operations Report for Dec. 2019

New cardboard bins were delivered and set up at the transfer site. The Transitor bin needed electrical repairs. Metal reclaimer cleaned up the pile of metal at the site. Some street signs were replaced. Public Works attended the Emergency Management meeting held by Kneehill County for local municipalities, which focused mainly on planning for potential disasters that could occur during a large community event. The Director for Operations felt is was a really worthwhile day and created awareness in areas of the Town you might not think to include in planning. Some new changes were presented by Alberta Environment and Parks regarding a new mandate from the Alberta Government regarding lead in the water system. The maximum allowable concentration of lead is now half of what it was previously and the Town’s annual tests showed that it remains considerably lower than the new mandates, so the Town is doing great, but Operations will be working towards developing procedures to implement a lead management plan for the Town of Trochu. One element of that would be to begin testing for lead within people’s houses. They would start with older homes first. It was noted that brass fixtures can leach lead into the water.