Three Hills Town Council report

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The regular meeting of the Three Hills Town Council was called to order by Mayor Tim Shearlaw at 5:35 pm on January 13, 2020.

To try to convey something of how a meeting unfolds, I will mention that the agenda as amended included these categories with the number of items indicated under each heading. I will also include (in parentheses) the number of pages supplied as background or supporting documents for the Councillors.

Thus by “reading between the lines” as it were, one may surmise that the motions passed were thoroughly considered from various perspectives and in some instances the Councillors were presented with more than one choice that could be agreed upon.

With this in mind, some of the motions will be given as approved and the motion itself may be the only explanation that will be needed. In other instances, I may give a brief word as to what was in the background material.

1. Call to Order.

2. Acceptance of Agenda (7 pages)

3. Adoption of Minutes

i. of December 9 Committee of the Whole meeting. (2 pages)

ii. of December 9 Regular Meeting. (5 pages)

4. Delegation: In this case an item from New Business was moved forward so that a representative from the Three Hills Elks could speak to the request presented to the Town in a letter from the Elks. (2 pages)

Two motions followed. i. “… that Council waives the $630.00 fee for the Community Centre rental to be paid by the Three Hills Elks.” [An event scheduled for the date booked did not take place.]

ii. “… that Council approves an annual fee for the rental of the Lodge Room by the Three Hills Elks in the amount of $500.00.”

5. Business Arising out of the Minutes/Old Business. I item. (2 pages)

5.1 Council Laptop Replacement Update

“ … that Council directs administration to proceed with Option 3 [Lenova Thinkpad Laptops with power supply adapter] for the Council Laptop Replacement Plan and that the 5 Year Capital Budget be updated to reflect the changes.”

6. Bylaws. I item. (24 pages)

6.1 Intermunicipal Development Plan Three Hills/Kneehill – First Reading:

i. “… that Council approve first reading of Bylaw 1437-20 being a Bylaw to adopt the Town of Three Hills/Kneehill County Intermunicipal Development Plan”


ii. “that Council motions to approve a Public Hearing on February 10, 2020 for Bylaw 1437-20 being a Bylaw to adopt the Town of Three Hills/Kneehill County Intermunicipal Development Plan.”

7. New Business. 11 items. See number of pages of background per item.

7.1 Area Structure Plan Project Award (3 pages)

“… that Council awards the Area Structure Plan project to ISL Engineering with a budget not to exceed $133,620.”

7.2 Prairie College- Water Tower (2 pages)

“… that Council approves the rate of $300.00 per month on a 3 year contract, for the use of the Water Tower for communications equipment.”

7.3 Traffic Speed Sign (2 pages)

“… that Council accepts the Traffic Speed Sign update for information as presented.”

The Traffic Speed Sign for the month of December was placed in a 30km/hr zone located on Main Street at Anderson Park. In the 36 days that it was in position it recorded 8,231 vehicles travelling east past its location. On a positive note it may be reported that 5533 vehicles stayed at or below the 30 km/hr speed and 2235 were between 31 and 40 km/hr.

7.4 Policy No. 460 Community Business Beautification Policy (17 pages)

i. “… that Council rescinds Bylaw 1217-01 being a bylaw of the Town of Three Hills to authorize a loan to the Wild Rose Economic Development Corporation for the purpose of revitalizing, refurbishing and beautifying the local business community of the Town.” AND

ii. “… that Council adopts Policy No. 460 – Community Business Beautification Policy as presented” AND

iii. “… that Council directs the Mayor and CAO to enter into an agreement with Community Futures Wild Rose regarding the Community Business Beautification Loan Program.” AND

iv. “… that Council direct Administration to include $2,500.00 for the Community Business Beautification Loan Program in the 2020 Interim Operating Budget under Account No. 1-2-6101-77400 – Business Loan Interest Rebate.”

7.5 Canadian Badlands Membership (3 pages)

“… that the Town of Three Hills continues their membership with the Canadian Badlands for the 2020-2021 term.”

7.6 was the item moved to “Delegation” per Elks Lodge Room rental.

7.7 Donation Request- KIdSport Kneehill (3 pages)

“… that Council supports the fundraising efforts of KidSport Kneehill with a donation in the amount of $250.00 to be funded from account no. 1-2-1100-77199- Grants- Other.”

7.8 Tour of Ceilo Waste Facility (2 pages)

“… that Council directs Administration to coordinate a tour of Ceilo Waste Solutions facility in Aldersyde, Alberta and that per diems and expenses of Councillors attending be paid.”

7.9 “Our Three Hills Strategic Priorities- 2020 – 2022” (31 pages)

“… that Council adopts “Our Three Hills Strategic Priorities- 2020 – 2022 as amended.”

For the most part the “amending” had to do with editorial corrections.

This is a beautiful plan and forward looking and is laid out in a very clear document.

7.10 Active Policies and Bylaws (10 pages)

“… that Council accepts the report on active policies and bylaws for information as presented.”

This presentation served to list Policies and Bylaws that are “on the books” and in months and years to come, they will need to be looked at and rescinded or amended/updated or retained as is. The one Bylaw that did catch the Councillors attention is dated March 11, 1925 and has the name: “Amendment to Travelling Groups Bylaw.” There are 9 others dated 1945-1949 including the “Amendment to Curfew Bylaw.”

7.11 Committee of the Whole Meeting- March 23, 2020 (2 pages)

“… that Council call a Committee of the Whole Meeting to be held on March 23, 2020 at 1:00 pm.”

7:12 2020 Chief Administrative Officer Development Plan (2 pages)

“… that Council approves the Chief Administrative Officers attendance at the 2020 Society of Local Government Managers (SLGM) Municipal Administration Leadership Workshop, the 2020 Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) Conference and the 2020 International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Annual Conference.”

8. Council Reports/Mayor’s Report (Oral reports +)

Councillor Campbell and Councillor Wiebe attended a meeting of Residents and students in Red Deer on Dec. 11, to present to them the opportunities and advantages to take up practice in Three Hills

Councillor Hamm spoke of his attending SAEWA meeting on December 20 and included printed copies of the minutes of the SAEWA Nov. 22, Dec. 13 meetings and of the Canadian Badlands October meeting minutes.

Councillor Wildeman took in a tour of the Christmas lights at the Golden Hills Lodge, and the Emergency Management training course. He, as well as Deputy Mayor Sept, and Mayor Shearlaw attended the funeral services for Art Luijkx and John Boxma.

Deputy Mayor Sept attended a Kneehill Housing Luncheon, and a Community Futures meeting.

Councillor Wildeman and Mayor Shearlaw were in attendance of the Dedication Service for the new Prairie Tabernacle Building. Mayor Shearlaw brought the greetings from the Town of Three Hills.

9. Management Reports (two pages)

Chief Administrative Officer, Alan Parkin presented his report for the month of December.

10. Finances There were no “month end” financials to report.

11. Correspondence – 9 items (49 pages)

There were 11 items of correspondence with the following headings:

Alberta Municipal Affairs-MSI (Municipal Sustainability Initiative) Funding; Marigold Library-Christmas Card; Marigold Library- Marigold Report; GFOA Provincial Police Funding; Red Deer River Municipal Users Group-Report; ABSI Connect-Community Catalyst Program; Alberta Utilities Commission – December 2019 LED Lighting Conversion Application; Three Hills & District Chamber of Commerce – Broadband Survey Results; Alberta Municipal Affairs –Assessment Model Changes.

There was no closed session.

Adjournment was at 7:54 pm.