Trochu Town Council report

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Trochu held their regular Town Council meeting Jan. 27, 2020.

Administrator’s Report

Within the Administrator’s report, the Grant Writer Budget for 2020 was noted to have been sent to the participating communities for review and approval. An advertising package and adjacent landowner notification has been put together for the rezoning of 416 Arena Avenue. Outdated and in-operable fire hydrants have become an issue again, and it was suggested therefore, that the need for the hydrant replacement program continue. A ‘request for decision’ is on tonight’s agenda. An Engineering firm has been contacted to develop a scope of work, similar to the previous replacement project. Later in the meeting Council had some discussion on the issue, wondering if they could skip the engineering component and go straight to hiring a hydrant replacement company. Council asked for some more information in regard to the number of hydrants and potential costs. The matter would wait for more information and discussion continue in the Strategic Planning meeting.

The Town of Trochu, in partnership with Kneehill County, have made an application under the Alberta Community Partnership Program for a Regional Stormwater Master Drainage Plan. Council’s first need to pass a resolution supporting the application. The ‘request for decision’ is on Trochu’s agenda for this evening and a motion to support the application was approved. This project would be 100% funded through the grant.

Due to recent changes in legislation, the Town of Trochu will be mandated to form a Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC). CAO Carl Peterson noted, “This means developing a Health and Safety Policy, and Terms of Reference for the JHS committee, along with other supporting documents.” The guiding document as to requirements and procedures will be the Occupational Health and Safety Act, formulated to comply with this latest legislation. A motion was approved by Council to form a committee and policy.

Further New

Business Items

A motion to prepare a letter of support for Seniors Outreach request was carried.

The Cannabis Consumption Bylaw received some discussion and Council didn’t believe they needed to alter or strengthen their present bylaw. Carl noted that if they did want to alter it they would need to open up a new bylaw. “I don’t think we need to make this any more complicated,” stated Mayor Kletke. No decision was required this evening and was filed as information.

Councillor Reports

Clr. Lumley noted that from her FCSS meeting, that the programs would receive funding for the next three years but they don’t yet know at what level. FCSS will be applying for grants “trying to be proactive”, said Clr. Lumley, for ‘other’ services. “The names for these familiar services will be changed but we don’t know to what.”

Clr. Reeds received positive response from Council as to whether Trochu should host a Cross Country run for the next few years at the Golf Course.

Deputy Mayor Munro noted that the Marigold Office in Strathmore is saying that the shovel will be in the dirt for the new building by fall. On another subject, she received a contact regarding pictures of Trochu area sights and town facilities for potential film makers for movie scenes. DM Munro suggested, that like some other small communities, Trochu should come up with a policy to establish any rules or conditions. Council gave DM Munro permission to go ahead and talk with these representatives from the industry.

Mayor Kletke gave an update on the Jan. 27 Trochu Housing Committee meeting. Sam was given the go ahead to sign the memorandum of understanding and move ahead with what can be done. The grants are not yet out and its possible this could be another two or three years yet. The Mayor also raised the subject of nominations for the Award of Excellence, should any councillor have a name they would like to put forward. The Mayor also gave some highlights from the AUMA Presidents Summit he attended, noting the discrepancies in the information coming out, a lack of consultation between government and AUMA, and that rural communities could be looking at some lean times ahead. “We (as a Town) need to prepare for things changing and have some discussion on what we can do to promote Trochu.”