Thrift Stores ask public to adhere to guidelines

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During the past few months many have said they have been purging their closets, storage area, garages, etc., and plan to donate when possible to the local thrift stores. It would be good to remind people that the thrift stores are not a dumping ground for things that are no longer useful. When items are brought inn, they should be in working order, no chips in glassware, no clothes or linens that have a smoke or musty odor, or stains. Thrift stores often get donations that have come directly out of some outside shed, covered in dirt that has collected over time. A lot of these things will be deposited directly into the dumpster. The man-hours used up in sorting through items that are not saleable could be better used elsewhere. In days to come there will be other protocols that were not required before that will be time consuming so if donations can arrived clean, intact and in good working order, it will be greatly appreciated.

The thrift stores are a great service to Three Hills and area. I’m thinking there will be a huge need for many in these uncertain times. We do appreciate the public’s support in donating so that we are able to serve the public. There would not be stores without donations. Thanks to everyone who keeps our thrift stores functioning by your donations and also volunteer help. I might add that large appliances and old tvs and computers are not accepted and furniture is only accepted at the discretion of the manager.

Guidelines for acceptable donations:

Clothes and Linens: Clean, unstained clothing and linens. Zippers and buttons must be intact. No smoky, musty odour, or extensive pet hair on clothing.

Footwear: Clean and useable footwear without holes or worn out soles.

Kitchen items: Glassware without chips, stains or excessive scratches. No rusted, severely stained, or burnt cookware. No stained or melted plastics.

Electrical Appliances: Clean and in working order. No faulty electrical cords.

Things not acccepted: Old, stained or dirty mattresses, outdated large tvs and computers, no exercise equipment, no large appliances, no encyclopaedias or water damaged books, heavily smoke damaged items.

All furniture must be approved at the discretion of the Tilly manager. Please do not leave furniture items in the shed.

The Tilly will re-open on Monday, June 1 and will be operating in compliance with the requirements laid out by the Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services. Please practice social distancing wile lined up outside the store. Only seniors and mobility challenged patrons to shop in the first half hour. 15 people allowed in store at one time. No children under 16 years permitted. Limited shopping time. Closed change rooms, No refunds. Cash only accepted.