Village of Acme applies for relief through Disaster Recovery Plan

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Acme has submitted an application through the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) for flooding that occurred on May 31, 2020 in the Village. As of Monday, June 22nd, Mayor Bruce McLeod had not heard word of the application’s approval for the program, but it is an arduous and complicated process and a long timeline is to be expected.

Damage from overland flooding has been estimated at $1.5 Million, which falls under the DRP. Damage to the actual infrastructure of the village is eligible for claim, and after the initial application, other documents may be required and follow-up with engineers may be necessary to assess damage. This is the first application to the DRP that has been made in Mayor McLeod’s time on Council.

If the DRP is approved, residents will be notified, and at that time will be able to access application documents to submit their own expenses from the overall amount that the village can receive for damage mitigation. There are no guarantees that all damage will be mitigated, and as Mayor McLeod notes “it’s a work in progress and is very complicated. Until we get the final data we aren’t sure what will be mitigated. It’s going to take time so hopefully everyone will have patience. We are trying to do everything we can for the residents and as soon as anything comes up, residents will know.”