The Church of God in Christ new building well underway

Linden New Church

The Church of God in Christ Mennonite Church is half-way through their building project for a brand new church building, east of Linden. The first dirt work began in June of 2019 and the project is progressing well, expected to be completed some time in the spring of 2021. The general contractor for the project is Ridgetech Builders Ltd., based out of Linden, and volunteer labour is also being used where possible.

The church has had a long history in Linden, having begun way back in 1902, with their first building completed in 1904. The original building was enlarged twice, then replaced by new buildings in 1920, and another in 1951. Lewis Klassen, member of the Church, says “Some of the lumber from the 1920 Church building was used to put up the new Church in 1951. During the process of building in 1951, the hayloft of Mr. Jacob Baerg’s barn was used as an interim meeting place. That is the barn on the farm just west of Linden Agri Centre where Mr. & Mrs. John Van de Laak are living now.”

The current building, completed in 1951 and renovated and added-onto since, is still being used regularly for services. The congregation considered renovating this building and bringing it up the current standards, but as it is already close to the main road it was too great a challenge. Klassen says “After prayerful consideration and many years of deliberation, it seemed best to begin with a new House of Worship.”

The new building will have an enlarged foyer, updated washrooms, main-floor Sunday School rooms, and a main-floor kitchen and fellowship area (which is a welcome upgrade from current basement facilities). The congregation looks forward to a main sanctuary seating capacity of 250 seats, plus another 150 seats in the balcony.