Three Hills Town Council Report (August 24, 2020)

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Three Hills Town Council Meetings August 24, 2020

There were two meetings of Town Council on Monday evening.

The “Regular Meeting” of Council was called to order at 5:41 PM and following the acceptance of the agenda and the adoption of the minutes of Council meetings of July 13 and a special meeting of August 10, 2020. The Public Hearing to discuss Bylaw 1463-20, being the proposed Bylaw to Specify the Number of Councillors to be elected in the next municipal election, was called to order at 5:44 PM.

There were no citizens present and no written submissions to address the proposed Bylaw.

The regular meeting was reconvened at 5:47 PM.

Council had one presentation from Preston Currie to outline his proposal for a Business Opportunity which might require an adjustment to an existing Bylaw. He also invited Council members to come by his shop and see how his proposals would be set up.

Two items “Arising out of the minutes/old business” dealt with a policy and a direction to administration to make an application for a grant.

Specifically: “That Council adopt Policy 530-A1 Reserves Policy as amended.” And “That Council directs administration to apply for the Municipal Stimulus Program grant using the high level costing [figures] as amended.” This grant would be applied to two projects.

The next several items on the agenda had to do with Bylaws, either to have them presented and given first, second and third readings or to repeal existing bylaws.

The first Bylaw, number 1457-20 will go under the title “Public Notification Bylaw” and has to do with the procedures that the Town of Three Hills is to follow when the public needs to be notified of events taking place in the Town.

Thus, Council gave first, second and third and final reading to Bylaw 1457-20 Public Notice Bylaw as amended.

Bylaw 1460-20 is an Animal Control Bylaw and it was tabled with instructions from Council to Administration to do some further research and to rework the Bylaw and have it ready for March 2021 for presentation to Council.

Bylaw 1463-20 “Bylaw to Specify the Number of Councillors” was the Bylaw for which the Public Hearing was called, having already been given first reading. This now received second and third and final reading. The Bylaw specifies that the number of elected councillors will be five.

Bylaw 1464-20 is a “Bylaw to repeal Bylaw 0525-29- Seniors Master Agreement”, received first, second and third and final reading. Bylaw 0525-29 is obsolete and Senior Housing now comes under provincial jurisdiction.

Bylaws “1465-20 - Pre-Authorized Tax Payment Plan Bylaw”, and “1466-20- Pre-Authorized Tax Arrears Payment Plan Bylaw” received first, second and third and final reading.

Bylaw 1462-20 Harvest Hills Gas Co-op Ltd. Franchise Agreement having received first reading earlier and notice of the proposed Bylaw being given at least 14 day notice in the newspaper and no formal correspondence forthcoming, the next step of approval from the Alberta Utilities Commission allows Council to proceed with the second and third and final reading. Thus the following: “that Bylaw 1462-20 being a bylaw to establish a Natural Gas Distribution System Franchise Agreement with Harvest Hills Gas Co-op Ltd. for a portion of the Town of Three Hills for a ten year period be presented for and given third and final reading and further that Council instructs the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer to sign and seal all necessary documents.”

New Business

Eight items covering a wide range of subjects were brought forth under “New Business”.

Two were to do with repealing policies.

8.1 Repealing Obsolete Policies

“…that Council repeals Policies S065-Sewer Main Cleaning/Service Connections/Sewer Line Replacements Policy and W060- Water Break Repair Policy.”

and 8.2 “… that Council repeals Policy 1088-Facility User Group Insurance Coverage.”

8.3 Committee of the Whole Meeting has been set for Tuesday October 13, 2020 at 1:00 PM for Council to review the draft amendments to the Land Use Bylaw.

8.4 Staff and Council Annual Golf Tournament

“Every year Council budgets for a Staff and Council Golf Tournament to show appreciation to the staff for their hard work over the year. The Tournament is also a great team-building activity and allows the staff to get to know each other outside of work in a social setting. The Golf Tournament in the past has been held in the month of June. Due to COVID-19, the Social Committee has postponed the tournament twice. The new tentative date for the Tournament was September 18, 2020.” (From the background information presented to Council.)

Due to COVID -19 complications several creative options were presented to council.

Council directed administration to proceed with a modified version of “Option 3” which reads:

“Provide every staff member a $75.00 gift certificate to the Three Hills Golf Course to be used towards golf or [or to a local restaurant for] dinner for those who do not golf. The Social Committee would create a basket for each staff member with the gift certificate, a note from Council, and some goods from local businesses.” Staff will indicate their preferences.

8.5 Three Hills Thrashers Sponsorship

Council received a letter outlining a variety of sponsorship options for financial contributions to the Thrashers. Council directed administration to inform the Thrashers that in lieu of a cash donation that the Town would donate the office “flex space” for the year at no cost to the team.

8.6 Hwy 21 Corridor Crime Watch Association

The Hwy 21 Corridor Crime Watch Association sent a letter of solicitation for support. Council directs administration to send a letter of well wishes to the organization.

8.7 Three Hills Victim Services Letter of Support

The Three Hills Victim Services are making an application for a grant and Council directs administration to send a letter of support to the Three Hills Victim Services Association for their application for the Alberta Victims of Crime Fund Grant Application.

8.8 Council Site Visit to Water Treatment Plant

Council has selected September 28, 2020 at 1:00 pm as the date and time for a tour of the Water Treatment Plant to see what progress has been made thus far.

8.9 Three Hills Gymnastics Club Rate Reduction Request

The Three Hills Gymnastics Club has decided to operate this year and have asked that Council consider a rate reduction for the Community Hall rental from the rates recently announced. Council directed administration to go for “option 2” which is to hold to the 2019 rate of $18.00 /per hour.

Council Reports

Mayor Tim Shearlaw, Deputy Mayor Marilyn Sept and all the other Councillors attended the special meeting of August 10 to welcome the “new” Chief Administrative Officer, Ryan Leuzinger. Each have also had one on one meetings with him since then.

Councillor Al Campbell reported that he is waiting to receive an update as to what is happening per recruiting of a doctor or doctors for Three Hills. The Doctor Recruitment and Retention Committee is also being called on for help in an upcoming fundraising event.

Councillor John Hamm will be attending an upcoming SAEWA (Southern Alberta Energy from Waste Association) meeting.

Councillor Ray Wildeman will be involved with a RDMUG (Red Deer Municipal Users Group) meeting.

Councillor Harold Leo made available to Council three documents concerning Kneehill COVID-19 Meeting of July 7, 2020, COVID-19-Men’s Health Foundation, and a Kneehill Regional FCSS Meeting of May 12.

Councillor Vernon Wiebe had work on August 12 and 19 and 20th for Kneehill Housing and also on the 20th a meeting of the Community Centre Board.

Deputy Mayor Marilyn Sept had a meeting of the Library Board on August 18. The Library will be fully open on September 2. She also met with Prairie College personnel on August 19 and attended a Kneehill Housing Meeting on the same day.

Mayor Tim Shearlaw, in addition to attending the Special Meeting of August 10, has met several times with CAO Ryan Leuzinger. Mayor Shearlaw has spent much time in signing contracts and in conversations with Three Hills citizens.

Management Reports are given in document form and are available on line as is the whole ‘agenda package’ and available to the public at (212 pages).

Director of Community Services, Kristy Sidock presented the Monthly Report for July 2020.

Chief Administrative Officer Ryan Leuzinger presented a report of his activities since assuming his position in August.

Peng Tian, Director of Finances, submitted the Statement of Operations Summary and Capital Project Progress Report for July 2020.

Michael Glavin, Director of Operations and Infrastructure, presented the July 2020 report.

Councillors had the opportunity to ask each presenter questions or clarification on the reports, or offer commendations for the work being done.

Council received copies of Correspondence from the following:

Prairie College – Thank you; Legion – Military Services Recognition Book; Kneehill Community Resource Program Report; and a Thank You Card from KidSport Kneehill.

At 9:00 PM Council gave unanimous approval to go into overtime. The meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM.