Village of Acme presents Volunteer of the Year Awards

Carole Metzger Volunteer 2019

2019 Acme Volunteer of the Year Award

Carole Metzger is a true driving force in our community. She has volunteered for many years, while being devoted to her family.

She is an active member of the Royal Purple Elks organization and the Acme United Church. She was a Leader for many years of the Swalwell 4-H Club. Carole volunteers at the Acme School to help with the reading program, and she drives the elderly and ill to appointments when they are unable to do so. Carole organizes Community Showers, the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner, the Seniors Tea, the Mother’s Day Tea, the Christmas Cookie walk and Tea as well as lunches for after Funerals.

Carole makes and donates many quilts for charities and various groups, she visits the Shut-ins and bed ridden in the community and sings at the Seniors Lodge.

Carole always has a smile on her face, is fun to work with and gives wonderful advice! Our community is truly blessed to have her as our 2019 Acme Volunteer of the Year recipient.

Seth Kelly 2019 Volunteer

2019 Acme Youth Volunteer of the Year Award

Seth Kelly sets a great example for the youth in our community. Seth is known to many as the teenager who shovels snow for those who have yet to shovel their walk during the winter. Seth voluntarily shovels sidewalks around the community after snowfalls. But let’s not forget that he mows lawns during the summer too!

Seth cares about the appearance of the Village and gladly cleans up any garbage he sees while he is out riding his bike and exploring. Seth loves helping the Seniors in our community with their yard work whenever he sees them outside working alone.

Seth always greets those he meets with a smile to brighten their day. He enjoys playing sports, hiking, and helping others. Seth has been a part of Acme Karate with Sensei Chris for five years now.

Seth is a role model and inspiration for the youth in Acme. Therefore, he deserves the honour of being Village of Acme’s Youth Volunteer of 2019! Congratulations!