Volunteering During COVID-19

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COVID-19 has drastically altered what volunteering looks like, both in terms of volunteer opportunities and volunteer availability. Volunteers are the backbone of communities, and nonprofit organizations often rely on volunteer support. Baby boomers and seniors are among the most active volunteers, but they are also the most vulnerable to COVID-19. As such, many have stopped volunteering or have significantly cut back on their volunteer activities. Other challenges for nonprofits include staff layoffs, reduced hours, declining donations, cancelled events that bring in revenue and changes to volunteer recruitment and retention.

Thanks to generous sponsorship, Kneehill Regional Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) launched the Volunteer Kneehill website www.volunteerkneehill.ca in April of 2019. Volunteer Kneehill is exclusively for volunteers and nonprofit organizations in the communities of Carbon, Acme, Linden, Trochu, Three Hills and Kneehill County. There are over 30 organizations registered and posting volunteer opportunities. If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, please check out the opportunities section of the website.

Due to the impact that COVID – 19 has had on post-secondary studies, employment, and sports and recreational activities, there are a number of individuals looking for new ways to contribute. One of the challenges volunteers face is not knowing where to find opportunities. We ask that you PLEASE register your organization if you have not already done so, and create and post ANY opportunities that could be done by a volunteer. Now is the time to move forward with all those big ideas you may have dreamed up over the last number of years but maybe lacked the volunteer power to do it.

For more information on Volunteer Kneehill, please contact Angie or Shelley at 403-443-3800 or email angie@krfcss.com.