Trochu Housing Corporation present facility plans to MLA Cooper and Health Minister Tyler Shandro

Minister visit

Things are moving right along for The Trochu Housing Corporation (THC). Our Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), Nathan Cooper reached out to Trochu Mayor, Barry Kletke to set up a meeting with Health Minister Tyler Shandro. Everyone was more than happy to accommodate this request, which took place on Monday, September 21st, 2020.

Due to COVID-19 precautions only MLA Cooper, Minster Shandro and Sheli Murphy, Senior Operating Officer at Covenant Health toured St. Mary’s Health Care Centre. This tour gave the participants the opportunity to witness firsthand how this facility is no longer meeting the needs of the area. The out of date design continues to make it difficult for staff, volunteers and residents to foster a high quality of living.

After the tour; Minister Shandro, MLA Cooper, Sheli Murphy, Trochu Housing Corporation President Sam Smalldon, Deputy Mayor Bonnie Munro, Councilor Chris Reeds and CAO Carl Peterson gathered in Trochu Council Chambers. A short presentation was given regarding the plans for the new Seniors Housing Facility. A facility designed to not only meet the current needs, but to increase the capacity of communities in a 70-kilometer radius of Trochu, including Three Hills and Linden. Minister Shandro indicated he was pleased with what he had heard, commended the community for working on this project for over a decade and indicated that the capital funding phase of the Affordable Supportive Living Initiative (ASLI) will be coming in the near future. Sam Smalldon indicated that THC is ready to put in a full application and is excited that the funding call will come soon. The morning wrapped up with MLA Cooper and Minister Shandro popping into the Trochu Arboretum for a quick look around.

THC cannot express enough appreciation to MLA Cooper for his support and giving us this recent opportunity. We were all very pleased and honoured to meet with Minister Shandro and grateful for his interest in the needs of this area.