Three Hills Road Project update

Beaumack Intersection Repair

Road projects continue throughout many areas of Three Hills. Major intersection repairs have been completed throughout town.

7th Avenue – The sewer line has been installed and the water line has been installed. Fire hydrants have been installed. Main services (3) to be installed this week, with asphalt to be completed the week after.

3rd Ave – 1, 2 and 3rd blocks are substantially completed with just a few minor cosmetic items to complete. The 4th block has about 50% of the waterline and services completed with the rest hoping to be completed within the week. The last block, block 5, will have temporary water lines setup with asphalt cutting started also this week and construction starting next week.

7th & 8th Street and 1st Avenue SE has had the asphalt removed and drain tile is to be installed next week with paving after that.