John Hamm sworn in as Three Hills Deputy Mayor

Hamm Shearlaw

The regular meeting of the Three Hills Town Council which was called to order at 5:46 was preceded by the Organizational Meeting that Mayor Shearlaw called to order at 5:32 PM.

The Organizational Meeting is held annually and names the Deputy Mayor and the positions that the Councillors will hold on various Boards and Committees.

There was only one nomination put forward for Deputy Mayor. Councillor John Hamm was declared Deputy Mayor for the one year term from October 26, 2020 until the 2021/2022 Organizational Meeting.

Mayor Tim Shearlaw administered the Oath of Office to Deputy Mayor John Hamm.

Council approved the listing of Council Representatives on Boards, Commissions and Committees as amended.

Council approved the listing of Meeting Dates and Times as presented. This confirms that regular Council Meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month except when that falls on a holiday in which case the meeting is held on the following Tuesday. For the months of December, July and August only one meeting (second Monday) per month.

Council appointed BDO Canada LLP as Auditors for the 2020 year end.

Stephen Washington of Wildrose Assessment Services Inc., was appointed as the assessor for a term expiring at the 2021 Organizational Meeting.

Alberta Treasury Branch was designated as the Financial Institution for the Town of Three Hills for the fiscal year January 01, to December 31, 2021.

Mayor Shearlaw adjourned the Organizational Meeting at 5:45 PM.

In the Regular Meeting of Council, following the approval of the agenda and the acceptance of the minutes of the Committee of the Whole, and Regular Meeting of October 13, Council moved directly to the presentation of the Management Reports.

This is a new ordering of the schedule so that the Directors are not required to be present for other business items.

Director of Finance, Peng Tian, presented a “Statement of Operations”, “Project Report” and “Reserve Report”.

Director of Operations and Infrastructure, Michael Glavin gave the September Report.

The Director of Community Services, Kristy Sidock gave her report for September.

Ryan Leuzinger, Chief Administrative Officer gave his report for the month of September.

Each of these reports is available “on-line” at the Three Hills Website, and specifically for this meeting at

Moving to “Business Arising Out of the Minutes/Old Business” Council was presented with a “Kneehill Regional Partnership Protocol” which has been put together by collective input from municipalities in the Kneehill County. Council approved the document as presented.

“New Business” presented a 167 page final draft of a “Storm Water Management Strategy” prepared by Stantec Consulting Ltd. Going through this quite thoroughly, Councillors discussed several considerations and in the end adopted the strategy as presented and directed Administration to provide Council with a “Priority List” to consider what measures might be taken in the short run to address some of the issues and what would have to be considered long range.

Council appointed CAO Ryan Leuzinger as the Deputy Director of Emergency Management for the Town of Three Hills.

The Town of Three Hills received a request from Golden Acres Honey Products to consider allowing them to connect to the Town Sewer System. Several factors would have to be considered to bring this to pass, and Council has directed Administration to have further discussion with the President.

Councillors’ reports were brief.

Mayor Shearlaw and Councillors Al Campbell, Ray Wildeman, Vernon Wiebe and Marilyn Sept mentioned their attending a Land Use Bylaw meeting of October 13.

Councillor Campbell has been accepted on the David Thompson Health Committee. He has upcoming meetings with Dr. Calhoun October 28, and the R&R Committee and a CAEP event in November.

Councillor Hamm was unable to attend a SAEWA meeting but shared an email from SAEWA as to progress they have made in the past year.

Councillor Wiebe attended Kneehill housing meetings on October 7 and 21.

Councillor Marilyn Sept took in a meeting on October 15 and on the 20th attended a Library Board Meeting.

Mayor Shearlaw attended meetings with Administration and took care of cheque signing.

At this point it was 8:30 PM and Council was moving into Closed Session to deal with two items.