Three Hills Town Council Report (August 24, 2020)

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Town of Three Hills Council Meeting November 23, 2020

The Three Hills Town Councillors and Administration dealt with all the items on the adjusted agenda in just two hours for the regular meeting before going into a brief closed session.

The minutes of the regular Council Meeting of November 9, and the amended minutes of the October 26 Organizational meeting were approved as presented.

Management reports were presented and with relatively little discussion they were approved as given. These included the following:

Director of Finance- Statement of Operations for October 2020 and Capital Project Report for Council Meeting on November 23.

Director of Operations and Infrastructure Report-November 23, 2020.

Director of Community Services Monthly Report- November 23, 2020.

Chief Administrative Officer Report- November 23, 2020.

Business Arising out of the Minutes/Old Business brought forth a 2021 Budget and 2022-2024 Financial Plan and this was presented so that Council would have the information and could give direction as to how Administration would develop and define aspects of the plan.

Bylaw 1472-20 Being a Development Authority Bylaw outlining who has what authority for Development approvals and at what level, was given first, second, and third and final reading.

New Business passed a motion that says: “… that Council accepts the proposal to install “Live Barn” in the Centennial Place Arena.” The name does NOT do justice to the proposal. It does not involve the keeping of animals in the arena but is a system that allows unmanned cameras to film events in the arena by which subscribers can watch from home, the events taking place there… and in other venues offering the same “Live Barn” services. With Council approval the setup of “Live Barn” is expected to take approximately 2 months to be ready for use.

One Councillor suggested that there be a plaque to which the Council could point to that will explain so much of what is having to be enacted or built into present and future decisions. That is “Because of” or “Due to COVID-19”.

This unfortunately has been applied to the annual “Three Hills Winter Celebration” (Tree burning/Fireworks/Hot dogs and hot chocolate) usually held in January. Thus “…Council directs administration to cancel planning for the Winter Celebration.”

Council directed Administration to continue implementing the concepts as included in the “Our Three Hills 2020-2022” Strategic Plan.

Council also accepts the Professional Development Plan for the Chief Administrative Officer as presented.

A review of the Municipal Elections Bylaw required that a returning officer be named for the 2021 General Election. Council approved that Kristy Sidock be appointed as Returning Officer, with Ryan Leuzinger assisting, for the 2021 General Election.

Council directed administration to apply for the Alberta Municipal Internship Program for 2021-2022. This could see the taking on of an Intern which provides the intern with practical experience and assists Administration in covering various tasks for the town, and possibly for the County.

Councillors gave the following reports:

Councillor Al Campbell: Nov. 18 a CAEP meeting. On Tuesday and Saturday supervised the Prairie College Explore group working on the water tower lights. And “because of COVID” the Christmas Market has been cancelled.

Deputy Mayor John Hamm had to miss the AGM of the Chamber of Commerce. He was involved in the Anderson Park lighting effort. There is a scheduled SAEWA meeting via Zoom for November 27.

Councillor Ray Wildeman attended a “Red Deer River Municipal Users Group meeting via Zoom and made a printed report available.

Councillor Marilyn Sept attended a Nov. 17 Library Board Meeting. On November 18 she attended a Kneehill Housing meeting. At present there is a 25% vacancy rate for Golden Hills Lodge, but a waiting list for Robertson Manor. On the 21st Councillor Sept attended a Marigold Library System meeting via Zoom.

Mayor Shearlaw attended the November 11 Remembrance Day service at the cenotaph. He has been very active over the past several weeks with the lighting installations at Anderson Park. Scheduled “light up” is for this Friday night. Mayor Shearlaw listened in to a Teleconferencing Call with Alberta Government leaders. Thursday’s Police Advisory Committee meeting was cancelled because of COVID.

There was no correspondence to receive.

At 7:32 Councillors took a brief break and then proceeded to go into a ‘closed session’ to discuss one item.