County commits to next steps in assisting Trochu to secure financing for Trochu Senior's Supportive Living Facility

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Kneehill County Council committed to take the next steps to assist the Town of Trochu in the borrowing of $20 million for their proposed Senior’s Living Complex to be constructed within the Town of Trochu.

“The Town of Trochu and the Trochu Housing Corporation are thrilled with the motion that passed at today’s Kneehill County meeting,” said Barry Kletke, Mayor of Trochu. “We are excited to see the establishment of this partnership and for the amazing benefits it will bring to Trochu and Kneehill County.”

“It means more than words can say to be one step closer to seeing a seniors housing facility come to fruition.”

The Seniors housing facility will be a place where County residents can age in place, and it was designed by the community for the community. The Town of Trochu and the Trochu Housing Corporation have been working on this project for over a decade and are deeply appreciative to receive this support from Kneehill County.

Kneehill County committed to proceed with the appropriate legislative steps prescribed in the MGA of Alberta that will allow for the implementation of the bylaw, or laws required to be able to provide financial backing in the form of security in the Town of Trochu for the borrowing of $20 million for a period of time, and to not to exceed four years.

The Senior’s Living Complex would be undertaken by the Trochu Housing Corporation, which is a municipally owned entity, having the Town of Trochu be the sole owner of the corporation.

“This, I think, will be a great value to Kneehill County, to the Town of Trochu, and to the surrounding municipalities. People will come here to live here, and our seniors will stay here,” commented Councillor Kenneth King during the County Meeting.

The Trochu Housing Corporation and the Town of Trochu are anticipating a round of provincial grant funding to be released soon and plan on making application for approximately $19 Million.

“Finally, I must mention all the people that have poured hours of hard work into this project. It is this kind of dedication, perseverance, vision, and resilience that truly make Trochu an incredible community,” said Barry Kletke. “Thank you to everyone involved.”