Three Hills Town Council Report

To open Monday, March 14th's Three Hills Town Council meeting, Councillor Al Campbell, and Director of Finance and Administration Tracey Gorr presented the Library Board Budget as members of the Board.
The proposed 2011 Budget will have a gross income of $175,343.61. Tracey Gorr reported that most of the library's revenue is from the Town of Three Hills, secondly, from grant funding, then donations, and lastly, patronage charges.
In comparison to 2010, this year's budget shows a savings of over $35,000, seeing cuts from the advertising budget, board expenses, and furnishings. Currently, two people are staffed at the Municipal Library. The board members reveal that there is room for an assistant to be employed to cover shifts, work one weekend per month, and maintain the programming in the library. The Town is to take care of advertising for this position.
Once the Library Board Budget was put forward, Council moved onto Councillor and Management Reports, hearing of recent meetings and events that have been attended by Councillors, and updates from Management.
The Request to Council for Decision started off with Town Council again discussing the proposed 2011 Library Board Budget. The library requests a $93,000 local grant from the Town of Three Hills, which is similar to last year's $90,000 grant request. Council approved the budget in principle, pending final acceptance of the Town's 2011 Municipal Operating Budget.
Councillor Terry Lee was appointed as the Town of Three Hills representative on the Kneehill Regional Partnership's Medical Clinic Review Committee, with Councillor Al Campbell as alternate.
Sometime in June, Councillors Ron Howe and Terry Lee will play in the Kneehill Regional Partnership Golf Tournament, and will also sit on this committee.
Town Council adopted the Tangible Capital Asset (TCA) policy, for the Town of Three Hills, as amended.
A delegation request for Phil Johnson to attend March 28th's Council meeting was approved.
As for Bylaws, Bylaw 1332-10 will be given third and final reading at March 28th's Council meeting. This is the bylaw pertaining to the land located on the corner of 1st St. N and 3rd Ave E.
A Public Hearing will be held in the Town of Three Hills Council Chambers at 5:30 pm on Monday, March 28, to hear oral and written comments on Bylaw 1333-11, a bylaw to amend Land Use Bylaw 1309-09.
After the finances from November 2010 - January 2011 were accepted as presented, Council adjourned the meeting.