For farmers hit by bad weather, help is within reach

As the snow keeps melting away, dozens of Alberta farmers, from Red Deer to Grimshaw are faced with a challenge they have to tackle in the days and weeks ahead: They have to get off of their land the crop they couldn’t harvest last fall due to excessive moisture with early snowfall, and seed their acres for the 2017 crop season.

The issue of unharvested acres facing the farmers is the most serious for more than a decade: A total of about 960,000 insured acres were reported in the province

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Coming Soon—Commemorative Bank Note for Canada’s 150th

On 1 July 2017, Canada will mark 150 years of Confederation, and this milestone will be commemorated in many ways. For its part, the Bank of Canada will mark this anniversary by issuing a new commemorative $10 bank note that will be broadly available by Canada Day 2017. Commemorative notes, while unique, are circulating notes that can be used for payment just like all other notes issued by the Bank. But some Canadians treat these bills like little pieces of history.

The Bank, which produces Can

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Trochu Council hears update from Bylaw Officer

Trochu Mayor Barry Kletke called the regular meeting of the Trochu Town Council to order at 6 pm on Monday, March 27, 2017.

A Public Hearing had been duly advertised to be held at 6:10 pm. This was for the purpose of anyone being affected by a Road Closure Bylaw 2017-01. There were no written submissions put forth prior to this meeting and no persons assembled to make any presentations. The opportunity remained open until 6:30 pm. The terms and conditions of the Bylaw will now be sent to Albert

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 Alberta invests in land and water conservation

The province is providing nearly $9 million to three non-profit groups to protect ranchlands, river habitats and watersheds in southern Alberta.
Funding from the Alberta Land Trust Grant Program will go towards six projects throughout southern Alberta, including three large ranches. The grants protect watersheds and wildlife habitats and help keep ranchlands intact.

“It’s vital that we work together to prevent fragmentation and habitat loss on Alberta’s private land. Land trust

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