Improving student learning in Alberta

A new vision to guide education will transform student learning, update curriculum and strengthen the K-12 system.

Alberta’s government is honouring its commitment to end the focus on so-called “discovery” or “inquiry” learning by repealing the 2013 ministerial order on student learning and replacing it with one that will give students a foundation of literacy and numeracy and a knowledge of the rich and diverse history of Alberta and Canada. The new ministerial or

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Kneehill County Lobbies Province against Oil and Gas Assessment Changes

On Tuesday, August 4, 2020, representatives from Kneehill County and Wheatland County met with Nathan Cooper, MLA for Olds/Didsbury/Three Hills, to lobby against the proposed changes to Oil and Gas Assessment announced by the Province of Alberta.

These assessment changes would reduce property taxes for some oil and gas companies, shifting the tax burden from industry to County residents, commercial properties and local businesses.

The four assessment scenarios proposed by the Province would res

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Kneehill County addresses proposed Oil and Gas Assessment Changes

Kneehill County has been notified of changes proposed by the Province of Alberta that would reduce property taxes for some oil and gas companies through changes to the way their assessment is conducted. These proposed changes would have severe impacts on both the County and our residents—resulting in an increase in property tax, a reduction in services, or a combination of both to make up for the lost revenue.

The intent of this decision is to increase the competitiveness of oil and gas c

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Aquatic Centre receives new roof and exterior siding

Three Hills Aquatic Centre is a beehive of activity once again.

The pool and splash park are re-opened to the public, with Covid-19 restrictions in place.

Work has begun on replacing the roof and brick exterior of the facility.

Top Roof and Exteriors has been awarded the $241,782.00 contract. This includes the removal of the existing roofing system and adding additional insulation, bringing the roof to an R30 - factor. Kneehill County contributed $200,000 toward this project. Construction is ex

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