Kannaba representatives host Open House

Representatives from Kannaba Agritech Corporation held an open house in Trochu on Wednesday February 20th to discuss the planned medical Cannabis facility coming to Trochu. Founder and Board Member Saleem S. Mohamed, CEO and Board Member Yad Kallu, PMP and President of Operations John Borrell, and VP of Corporate Development Shar Mortezaei were all in attendance to give a corporate update and provide time for feedback and questions for Trochu residents. They provided an “Executive Summary

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Ratepayer opposed to ‘fresh water’ fracking

Kevin Niemi, from Trochu area, was on the County’s agenda for the Feb. 26 council meeting regarding Industrial activity on Kneehill County land SE 29-32-23 W4. He is not in favour of the County (or other communities) selling ‘fresh water’ to Artis Exploration for fracking purposes. Kevin believes that sewage lagoon water (which is what is being used for fracking) will in fact be fresh water at some point and should not be used in this way. He read from the Kneehill County Land

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Wimborne Gas Plant stack felled

A large crowd of spectators gathered on Wednesday, Feb. 13 to witness the end of an era. At exactly 1 pm, the 300 foot stack at the Wimborne Gas Plant fell, creating a massive cloud of snow and dust.


The plant was built in 1964/65 by Mobil Oil and partners. It was owned and operated by part of this group until 1996. In the following years, the plant was owned and operated by several different companies.

It was in 2012 that the sulfur plant and stack were decommissio

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Kneehill County prepares for 75th Anniversary events

Kneehill County Council held their regular Council meeting February 12, 2019.

Council appoints Director

Council appointed Debra Grosfield as Director of Emergency Management (EM), Laurie Watt as Deputy Director of EM and Natalie Chubala as Deputy Director of EM for Kneehill County, effective immediately. Mr. Hoggan, former CAO, had the appointment of DEM in 2015 and 2016 and with his departure, Council filled the vacancy.

Solid Waste Bylaw

Council moved forward with the reading of proposed byla

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