Kneehill County to introduce ‘live-streaming’ of Council Meetings

The one delegation at Kneehill County’s Nov. 7 Council meeting was Kimberley Worthington, Executive Director, Central Alberta Economic Partnership. “The mission of CAEP is to advance sustainable regional economic development.” There is about 80% membership participation from municipalities across the region. She identified areas in which CAEP helps with member pricing for events/training, access to investment inquiries, and opportunities to meet and network. She spoke on vario

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Update: Icy conditions a factor in multi-vehicle collision

It has been a busy week for Three Hills Fire and Rescue, AHS, EMS and Three Hills RCMP.

It all started Wednesday, November 1 at about 4 pm when emergency crews were dispatched to a motor vehicle crash about five km east of Highway 21, west of Range Road 232.

An eastbound suburban encountered extremely slippery conditions and left the road. The vehicle crashed through a tree and came to a stop when it hit a second tree. A mother and four children were inside the vehicle. All five were road ambul

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Albertans can now report poachers online

The province is making it easier to report poachers by giving Albertans the option to use smartphones or computers to report suspicious hunting or fishing activity.

Until now, the only way to report poaching activity, dangerous wildlife or public land abuse was to phone the Report A Poacher hotline. Starting today, people can visit the Report A Poacher website to fill out a form and submit it online. The information they enter into the form will be sent to fish and wildlife officers for followu

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Wild game feeds families in need

This morning my wife and I read from Deuteronomy on how the people were asked to leave whatever was missed in there harvest for the foreigners and destitute. I had to think about how this works out in our present day. How do we help those in need of food at little or no cost to ourselves?

Last fall I approached the Northern Alberta Chapter of SCI to see if they would help process wild meat for the food bank in the Three Hills Area. They generously responded with a check of $2500.00 which was gi

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