Three Hills Town Council Report

The regular Town Council Meeting for January 10, 2022 was called to order by Mayor Ray Wildeman at 5:30 PM.

Once the formalities of accepting the agenda as presented, and approving the minutes of the December 13 meeting were looked after, Mayor Wildeman welcomed Kim Doan as the spokesperson representing citizens wishing to present concerns about the “Restriction Exemption Program” as are presently in place in the Town facilities. There were nine other citizens in the gallery.

The qu

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Alberta RCMP launch mobile app to help keep Albertans informed

Edmonton – Alberta RCMP has officially launched their brand-new mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The app has been developed to simplify online user experience on mobile devices to ensure that Albertans can access information quickly and conveniently. The app is available as a free download through Apple or Google Play.

Developing the app allows the Alberta RCMP to provide the public with online access to news, crime reporting, detachment locations, crime mapping and statistics, an

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Changes to COVID-19 testing eligibility

Due to rising demand for PCR tests, Alberta is changing the eligibility for these tests to focus on those who most need them.

Daily PCR testing volumes are beginning to exceed system capacity. Wait times for booking a PCR test are now approaching four days and turnaround time for providing results to patients is approaching 48 hours. To ensure that patient care decisions are supported by timely diagnostic information, PCR testing eligibility will now be focused on those who have clinical risk f

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With the Christmas season approaching, decorative lights throughout the region are beginning to twinkle. Three Hills Public Works and Atco Electric were busy Tuesday installing the Christmas lights on the Main Street. Please support our local businesses this Christmas and please help the less fortunate whenever possible so everyone can enjoy a Merry Christmas.

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