2018 Operating and Capital Budget approved by Kneehill County Council

The final Kneehill County Council meeting of 2017 was Dec. 12 and over two and half hours of that meeting was spent on Corporate Services items such as giving approval to the 2018 Operating Budget, 2018 Capital Budget, 2017 3rd quarter Financial Report, 2017 Project Report, Human Resources Policy, and Master Rates Bylaw #1753.

Council approved Master Rates Bylaw 1753. Highlighted changes in the Master Rates Bylaw as indicated by Mike Morton, Director of Corporate Services, included the charge f

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Merry Christmas Battle River-Crowfoot!

Merry Christmas Battle River-Crowfoot! Christmas is the time when we celebrate family, friends and faith. The Christian faith is based on Jesus Christ and the events of Christmas and Easter. At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of our Saviour. The events of Easter reveal the promises of resurrection and eternal life.
These are times to reflect on our lives, count our blessings, and focus on our spirituality as human beings, even for those not of the Christian faith. For centuries, these times of

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Rural history shines in “Prairie Sunset: A Story of Change”

Resilient, rugged, and strong are adjectives that describe the first settlers of the Prairies. Leaving family and country behind these brave individuals came to a new land in search of opportunity and freedom. However as time goes on the stories of these men and women are slowly disappearing, along with the homesteads they once inhabited.

Born into one such immigrant farming family, author Dion Manastyrski recognized the vanishing nature of family farms and set out to learn the stories of the p

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Rims and tires stolen from multiple locations in Three Hills

Well it sure doesn’t feel like winter. I keep checking my calendar and can’t believe it. I thought they said we were bracing ourselves for one of the coldest and longest winters in years. I should probably stop talking about it as it’ll probably change very soon.

Even with the weather being milder than normal, there is a trend that seems to continue. Vehicles continue to be left running unattended. The other night Mrs. Sgt. Graham and I stopped at the store with the little Sgt

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