First School moved to Kneehill Museum

What was built as the First School in the Village of Three Hills, in 1914, has now been moved to its final resting place at the Kneehill Museum, in Three Hills.

The building was used as a school until phase one of the “new brick school” was opened in 1920. The ‘Ole Town Hall” as it has been called for a number of years, once sat on the Three Hills School track. It was moved to its 4th Ave. South location where it served as the RCMP detachment, Provincial Police, Justice

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Richardson Pioneer supports Trochu Hall upgrades

Richardson Pioneer’s Richardson Foundation proudly supports projects like the Trochu and District Hall Society’s upgrades to the Trochu Community Centre. The $17,500 presented to the society will go towards a new air conditioning unit for the building and/or the purchase of more chairs.

The Richardson Foundation understands that a key part of their enduring success is the strength of the communities in which they do business, like here in Trochu and throughout Kneehill County. Each

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The Kneehill Regional Doctor Attraction and Retention Board held their annual barbecue at Anderson Park, Thursday, June 15. The winners of the Medical Support Staff awards were Generoso Gozo, who works as Level 1 Maintenance staff at St. Mary’s Hospital and Dianne Moran R.N. with Primary Care Network support staff at the Kneehill Medical Clinic. Pictured is Al Campbell, rep for Kneehill Regional Doctor Attraction and Retention with Generoso Gozo (middle left) and Dianne Moran.

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The Old School House in Three Hills is being moved to its new home at the Kneehill Historical Museum, please pay attention to street signs, pilot vehicles and ATCO crews.

The following areas are NO Parking Zones until the move is complete:

4th Avenue (between Main to 1st Street)
1st Street (between 4 Ave and 2nd Ave)
2nd Ave (between 1st Street and Main)
Main (between 2nd Ave and 1st Ave)
Ist Ave (between Main and 2nd Street)

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