Trochu Elks present Columbarium proposal

Trochu Elks representative Paul Frere came to Trochu Council to explain their Columbarium proposal. Columbarium being a respectful, public storage for cinerary urns (cremated remains). They offered photos of different styles and costs. Once a concrete pad is laid and the Columbarium placed on top, they expect virtually no maintenance after its installed. Council gave it’s support for the proposal.

Public Hearing for Bylaw 2019-05 - Trochu/Kneehill Inter-municipal Development Plan was held

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Trochu Open House features Area Structure Plan and Senior’s Housing Facility

Attending the May 28 Town of Trochu’s open house for their Area Structure Plan (ASP) and Seniors’ Housing Facility were about 50 residents, including Council and those with the consulting firms. Dillon Consulting welcomed everyone to study the Northwest Area Structure Plan, described as a long range, statutory planning document, a road map for future development. The plan discusses the sequence of development of the area, future land uses, population densities, and general location

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Road work underway in Linden

Construction crews have blocked off 1st Street N.W. in the Village of Linden for drainage corrections, new paving, and a new sidewalk. A hydrant leak was also corrected. The Village of Linden on February 25, 2019 awarded the tender for its Capital Works 2019 project to Consite Construction. They have the road levelled off and packed and paving should be complete within another week and the road re-opened at that time. Consite Construction will also be putting in water and sewer on Courtney Way.

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