Marilyn Sept elected Deputy Mayor at Organizational Meeting

The regular Council Meeting of October 28 was preceded by the Organizational meeting which was called to order by Mayor Shearlaw at 5:41 p.m.

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) and Procedural Bylaws require that several matters be attended to annually.

The first item was the appointment of the Deputy Mayor. That office is held as a one year term. Therefore the following recommended action was passed unanimously after Marilyn Sept was nominated.

“That Council appoints Marilyn Sept as Deput

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Premier Kenney unveils Provincial Budget 2019

The Provincial Budget 2019 so near to Halloween was a little scary but much of the cuts were expected. All municipalities knock at the door expecting some treats but you are going to have to really costume yourself up as one of the Province’s priorities, otherwise what you see is restraint, a toothbrush in the Halloween bag versus the sweet candy. Most seem to understand and appreciate that the drastic cuts to save the Province from formidable debt and interest was harsh but necessary. &l

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Harvest for Kids crop estimated at 11,254 bushels

Harvest for Kids 2019, took place at the Kevin and Linda Price farm on Thursday October 24. Harvest for Kids, is a Fundraising program under Children’s Camps International (CCI) that has farmers convert designated crops into cash value and for every $4.00 raised, one child in a developing country gets to attend a Christian Camp for one week and the follow up program organized under a local church.

Harvest for Kids this year had seven combines, six trucks, three ATVs and photographers. A B

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Inter Pipeline holds Open House

On October 16, 2019, Inter Pipeline held an Open House in Three Hills in the Centennial Arena Encana Room, for its proposed Three Hills Lateral Project. Inter Pipeline had 12 representatives at the event to field the questions of individuals who attended between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

A good bit of information concerning the Pipeline Development Phases, and the Environmental and Biophysical studies, and Reclamation Plans and maps were available in print. The Team members were answering any questi

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