Rick Down Athletic Centre receives HVAC upgrade

The Rick Down Athletic Centre on Prairie College campus received a vital replacement this week, with the installation of a new Rooftop Unit. This fixture provides heating and cooling to the building, and is an indirect fired make-up air HVAC system. The RTU that was replaced was original to the building, and was installed in 1992.

For the past year, the school has been doing their best to keep the original RTU running, however it became clear that it was at the end of its life-span.


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County cancels more events due to COVID-19

Kneehill County Council held their regular meeting on March 24, 2020, beginning at 8:30 am and adjourning at 12:24 pm.

At the top of the agenda, Brad Buchert, Senior Manager of Transportation & Facilities, gave a dust control report, Policy 13-4, which Council received as information.

Buchert noted that the cost for the calcium chloride dust control application is unchanged this year compared to last, and that the County would give a 50% rebate to ratepayers on this service as they have don

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Deputy Mayor attends Waste Energy Symposium

The regular meeting of Trochu Town Council was opened at 6:00pm, and entered the closed session at 6:44pm. The agenda was approved with no additions.

In the area of Housekeeping, Council noted that nearly all events Council had on the agenda had been cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 virus.

CAO Carl Peterson gave the Administrator’s report. Peterson shared that Ghostpine Environmental hoped to make their application for the Lagoon Expansion the week of March 23rd, somewhat condit

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Overcoming COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused panic, stress, and uncertainty amongst all Canadians. I know this because I have heard from thousands of you, many of whom expressed concern about the virus, and what its impact will be on people’s health, your livelihood, and the economy.

While Canada faces this crisis, it would be easy to lose hope, and I am encouraging you that there is still much to hope for. As Canadians, we are resilient, from our nation’s beginning, to the bravery of our soldi

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