Acme Almuni raising funds for Community Complex

The Acme Community Complex is a proposed capital project for a learning centre and gymnasium in the community of Acme.

“It has been an idea that has been percolating for years,” noted Matt Price, President, Acme Alumni Association. The Acme School serves as a tri-campus high school for the communities of Acme, Linden, and Carbon. The Executive of the Acme School Alumni is actively engaged in fundraising toward the construction of this facility with a goal of raising four million dol

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Ride for STARS set for August 12, 2018

The 29th Annual Ride for STARS is all set to go at the TL BAR RANCH August 12, 2018. The TL BAR RANCH is on the North Side of Hwy. 585 just west of the Tolman Bridge.

The program, as it has been organized, has been very successful and events planned for this year are very much the same as they have been the past few years.

This means that Jill Brodie is returning with her “Ducks and Dogs” demonstration. Her dogs are trained for “rounding up livestock” but for demonstrati

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Move Yourself Dance Ltd., coming to Trochu

Move Yourself Dance (MYD) is taking over for Danceway 21 and will be collaborating with Trochu Dance Troupe. In the past Trochu Dance Troupe, which is a non-profit parent society, worked and collaborated with Danceway 21, both have been in the Trochu area for over 30 years.

Move Yourself Dance Ltd. was founded in 2009 in Sundre, and expanded to Olds, in 2012. This year for the 2018/2019 season they are extremely excited about adding a new location to the MYD family. Their instructors specialize

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Evelyn Kenny Kennel & Obedience Club comes to Trochu

The Evelyn Kenny Kennel & Obedience Club hosted a Dog Show at the Trochu Lions Campgrounds July 12-15.

The Calgary based club hosts an annual dog show each year. The group decided to change their location and picked Kneehill County for their new destination.

Kim Zippel, the Dog Show’s show chair person, said that the town has been welcoming, helpful and overall great with having the outdoor dog show in Trochu.

“This will be our first year of hopefully many in Trochu,” said

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