Changes to COVID-19 testing eligibility

Due to rising demand for PCR tests, Alberta is changing the eligibility for these tests to focus on those who most need them.

Daily PCR testing volumes are beginning to exceed system capacity. Wait times for booking a PCR test are now approaching four days and turnaround time for providing results to patients is approaching 48 hours. To ensure that patient care decisions are supported by timely diagnostic information, PCR testing eligibility will now be focused on those who have clinical risk f

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With the Christmas season approaching, decorative lights throughout the region are beginning to twinkle. Three Hills Public Works and Atco Electric were busy Tuesday installing the Christmas lights on the Main Street. Please support our local businesses this Christmas and please help the less fortunate whenever possible so everyone can enjoy a Merry Christmas.

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Kneehill County Council and Committees

Kneehill County Council

Council (l-r): Councillor Debbie Penner, Councillor Wade Christie, Councillor Carrie Fobes, Reeve Jerry Wittstock, CAO Mike Haugen, Councillor Faye McGhee, Deputy Reeve Kenneth King, Councillor Laura Lee Machell-Cunningham.

Reeve Jerry Wittstock,

Division 3:

• Committee of the Whole

• Kneehill Emergency Management Advisory Committee

• Aqua 7 Water Services Commission

• Central Rural Municipalities of Alberta Executive (District 2)

• Doctor Recrui

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It’s official, the 44th Parliament has begun

It’s official, the 44th Parliament has begun finally. 64 days after the election, the Speech from the Throne was delivered by our Governor General on behalf of the government. This was the first time the Throne Speech was read in three languages: English, French, and Inuk. A great reminder of the many cultures and traditions we have in Canada and may we continue recognizing the importance of our First Nations people. However, the Liberal message in the speech was deemed largely uninterest

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