Volunteering During COVID-19

COVID-19 has drastically altered what volunteering looks like, both in terms of volunteer opportunities and volunteer availability. Volunteers are the backbone of communities, and nonprofit organizations often rely on volunteer support. Baby boomers and seniors are among the most active volunteers, but they are also the most vulnerable to COVID-19. As such, many have stopped volunteering or have significantly cut back on their volunteer activities. Other challenges for nonprofits include staff

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Village of Acme presents Volunteer of the Year Awards

2019 Acme Volunteer of the Year Award

Carole Metzger is a true driving force in our community. She has volunteered for many years, while being devoted to her family.

She is an active member of the Royal Purple Elks organization and the Acme United Church. She was a Leader for many years of the Swalwell 4-H Club. Carole volunteers at the Acme School to help with the reading program, and she drives the elderly and ill to appointments when they are unable to do so. Carole organizes Community Showe

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Alberta RCMP gives businesses tips for ATM security

Edmonton – This month, Alberta RCMP is providing businesses with tips for preventing Break and Enters with a focus on ATM thefts. Although there has not been a significant increase or decrease of ATM thefts, the Alberta RCMP would like to see the numbers decrease by next year.

Quick Facts (2019 Alberta RCMP jurisdiction): There were over 5,500 Break and Enters to businesses last year. The three highest months for Break and Enters to businesses were: August (over 600), September (almost 55

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Three Hills Town Council Report (August 24, 2020)

Three Hills Town Council Meetings August 24, 2020

There were two meetings of Town Council on Monday evening.

The “Regular Meeting” of Council was called to order at 5:41 PM and following the acceptance of the agenda and the adoption of the minutes of Council meetings of July 13 and a special meeting of August 10, 2020. The Public Hearing to discuss Bylaw 1463-20, being the proposed Bylaw to Specify the Number of Councillors to be elected in the next municipal election, was called to

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