Don was born in Midale, Saskatchewan on December 5, 1937, the second son of Clarence and Margaret Erickson. He grew up on the farm and was coached by his father and grandpa to work hard and to enjoy farming. At age 6, together with his 7 year old brother, they drove a horse-drawn hayrack during harvest and this started a lifelong love of farming and the land. He received Christ as his Saviour when a young boy, and was faithful in expressing that faith in his daily life, with honesty and dependability. He loved pitching baseball and knew all the teams and ball parks in the area. He served the community well, as volunteer linesman for the rural telephone company, director for the local Credit Union, Sunday School teacher for approximately 40 plus years, deacon for 35, and often busy volunteering at the church and in the community. In 1969 he married Tillie Hahn, a young widow with two sons aged 8 and 10; and became a husband and an instant father on the same day. In 2001 he underwent a 6-artery bypass after which he retired from farming and moved to Three Hills. He adapted well to life here and found things to do to keep busy, with gardening and yard work and knitting for charity. Since childhood, he enjoyed puddling in the spring runoff water, and was a fixture in the neighbourhood, making little ditches for the water to run, and keeping catch basins free of leaves several times a day, from 2nd Street South to Main Street! Congestive heart failure took its toll, and in April he was admitted to the Acute Care wing of the Three Hills Hospital, later transferred to Continuing Care. He passed into God’s eternal glory on October 19, 2017. The hospital staff was amazing with their demonstration of professionalism and warm attention. Continuing Care staff was so patient in keeping him comfortable, especially in the last weeks of his life. Many thanks to the Three Hills Hospital staff, and to Dr. W. Joubert, who provided such tender and thoughtful supervision of Don’s declining health. We feel the care in this hospital complex is second to none anywhere. Don is survived by his loving wife Tillie, sons George and Doug (Sharon) Hahn, grandchildren Diane, Erich, Julie and Jacqueline Hahn; five siblings, many in-laws, nieces and nephews, one aunt, and many faithful friends. A memorial service is planned for Monday, November 27 at 2 pm at the East Olds Baptist Church (Highway 27). We will miss him as an amazing husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend.