Young athletes compete at Kids of Steel

Thirty kids competed a ten-week triathlon training program coached by Darta Thiessen and Ethel Hoel with help from many volunteers. The twice-a-week sessions involved swimming, running and occasional biking together, as well as instruction and practice in doing the transitions and much more. The program ended with an in-house triathlon run-through in which the kids all did the official distances for their age groups according to the ATA (Alberta Thiathlon Association), whom the group is registered with.
Twenty-one kids from the group went on to compete at the Red Deer Woody's RV World Kids Of Steel on June 26 in Red Deer. Triathlon is very much an endurance sport and all the kids tried it and endured it. Nine out of 21 of these kids placed in the top 15 in their category and congratulations to Brock Hoel who placed 1st. All 21 can be very proud of themselves!
Ten kids aged 5-7 competed against 52 others and swam 50m, biked 1.5km, and ran 500m. Pictured is Lincoln Hoel, Liam Druskin, Gavin Ohlhauser, Isaac Carter, Josiah Carter, James Ferguson, Ian Ferguson, and Markus Thiessen. Missing is Xander Lang. Each one worked hard, never quit and finished with winning smiles on their faces. Excellent accomplishment, kids!
Four kids aged 8-9 competed against 58 others and swam 100m, biked 5km and ran 1km. Four kids aged 10-11 competed against 83 others and swam 150m, biked 5km and ran 2km. Pictured is Nicholas Kozak, Silas Szucs, Christopher Kozak and Janae Hoel, who are all 10-11. Also pictured is Brock Hoel, Jalen Carter, Gillian Bourne and Paige Druskin, who are all 8-9. Each one displayed amazing heart and determination and finished very well!.
Alec Good, Ken Hall and Esther Watt competed in the 12-13 age group against 47 others and swam 300m, biked 10km and ran 3km. Timothy Bowman competed in the 14-15 age group against 18 others and swam 500m, biked 10km and ran 4km. These athletes all showed incredible work ethic in training and provided their endurance in completing a grueling event approximately an hour long that requires everything you got to keep going and finish!