Three Hills Gymnastics hosts Invitational Meet

Three Hills Gymnast Comp March 2017

On Saturday, Three Hills Gymnastics hosted their annual competition in the Three Hills School. They had two clubs attending from Rocky Mountain House, Olds, Lacombe as well as 22 gymnasts from Three Hills.

The morning session was Junior Olympic levels 1 and 2, Maren Sanderman, Gillian Gridley, Maddison Wiart, Makenna Paget, Delia Ferguson, Aubrie DeBeaudrap, Hailey Sigurdson and Sharla Berry. All of the girls did very well completing all of their routines to the best of their abilities. The coaches and parents are all proud of these girls and the medals and ribbons they received definitely put smiles on their faces!

In the afternoon session there was Junior Olympic levels 3, 4 and 6, Cheyenne Ferguson, Sami Trentham, Cydney Fetterly, Braelynn Rosgen, Ashley Ferguson, Ali Wesgate, Alix Geier, Malia VanDoren, Brynna Straub, Annika Ferguson, Casey Fetterly, Lola Ferguson, Reese Doka and Braidy Neighbours. The Three Hills girls definitely stole the show and were on top of the podium for every award.

On Sunday they had their annual Year End Show. This is the day where every one of our gymnasts, in the entire club, get to show off what they have learned and been working on. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends join in to applaud the gymnasts on their performances.

The gymnasts range in age from four right up to age 16, so there was a wide range of abilities that were all fun to watch. It was a great weekend for Three Hills Gymnastics and all of the hard work that was put into this weekend really showed as it all went extremely smooth. They already look forward to doing it all again next year!

Next weekend the club has 18 gymnasts attending a competition in Olds.

Good Luck Girls!