Three Hills District Soccer week in review

2017 U12U14U16 18 Capital

It’s been a great week of Three Hills District Soccer. On Monday we started with our U10 A team playing in the bronze medal game against Irricana The team started strong and dominated the first half of the game but were just not able to get a shot in goal. In the second half of the game, they started to get tired, as they only had two substitutes for the game. They still fought hard, but Irricana managed to get a goal with about 15 minutes left and that seemed to deflate the team. They ended up losing 4-0 and were not able to advance to the gold medal match, but they did end up with a bronze medal in their league which we are very proud of.

On Monday night the U16/18 Boys played their last scheduled season game in Carstairs. Both teams were down five players due to exams but the players on both teams that were able to come brought their ‘A” game. Our boys quickly took the lead with a 0-2 lead and then Carstairs came on strong making it a 2-3 lead for them. With about 15 minutes left, our boys wanted the win and could not be stopped with repetitive goals and a final winning score of 8-3. The entire team played so well. Coach Woods named these four players as the stand out players of the game, in this order: Marcus Brown, Noah Branson, Confident Muhineza and Henry Wu. The team finishes the season in first place! This placement means that they play next in the district Gold medal match on Sunday.

On Tuesday the U14 team played their first district game against Linden. We were in third place and Linden was placed in fourth so we knew it would be a tough game with the loser being eliminated from playoffs. The game started well and was quickly tied 2-2 when the storm wind blew in. Our team had to play against the wind for the last 5-10 minutes of their half, but it became an advantage for them when they played with the wind for the whole second half of the game. They played hard to win and managed to beat Linden with a score of 6-3. They will now play in the bronze medal match on Sunday morning. If they win that game they will continue on to the gold medal match.

Friday saw the U16/18 girls face Carstairs U16/U18 in our first district playoff game at home. Our girls came in very focused and motivated and pieced together a convincing performance, dominating the game from start to finish. Everyone got some playing time in and we finished with a comfortable 3-1 win.

On Saturday we had our U12 soccer districts in Irricana. We started with our U12 A boys, who placed 2nd in the east, facing off against Olds B team, who were 3rd in the west division. Our boys played a great game and won 2-1. Goal scorers were Kohen McKiernan and Eli Brown. A great back and forth game, the difference was a couple great saves late in the game by Kyler Brown. This qualified them to move on to play another game to determine whether they would play in the Gold medal or bronze medal match.

Our U12 B boys played next against Sundre. We were 1st in the east, they were 4th in the west. We played hard, but they were a tough team and we heard that their ranking was not descriptive of their ability as they had started the season weak and had improved greatly. We ended the game in a 5-5 tie, which led to a shoot out. Which means each team gets five penalty shots and the team with the most goals at the end wins. This is a tough way to end a match and although we fought hard, we lost in the shoot out 2-0. This eliminated our team from the districts. This team had a fantastic season and had not lost a game until this one. We are proud of their accomplishments this year.

Our U12 girls played in the afternoon. They were ranked 3rd and played the 4th place team, Carstairs. We were ahead 1-0 in the game until the very last minute when a drop ball in front of our net resulted in Carstairs scoring. Since we ended in a tie this team also went to a shoot out to determine the winner. After five penalty shots on each side, each team had managed to score one goal each. This led to a situation where they alternate shooters until one gets a goal and one doesn’t. This is very high pressure for the goalies and after nine penalty shots Meagan Atmore scored, which led to our win. Alia Wiebe was amazing in net and she saved 5 penalty shots. The girls then continued on to the bronze medal game.

Our U12 A boys played again after that against Olds A boys. They lost 1-0. The only goal against came on the second awarded penalty kick to the Olds team. The whole team gave a strong defensive effort. An especially strong defensive effort from Ian Amendt held them at bay. This loss meant that they would not be going to the gold medal game, but had a chance to still win bronze in the bronze medal game.

The girls played next against Olds B girls team. They played hard, but could not pull off a win. They won the bronze medal for their league and had a great season. We are proud of them and their growth this year.

Our last U12 game was the U12 A boys against Sundre. It was a phenomenal team effort at the end of a tiring day really illustrating the defensive abilities of the team. Goals were scored by Ethan Koch and Eli Brown. Excellent passing highlighted the win with a score of 2-1. This meant the U12 A boys finished the season with a bronze medal, allowing only two goals total in these final three games. They had a wonderful season with only one loss and continued to get better over the season. We are proud of them.

Our U14-U18 districts were on Sunday in Drumheller. All three of our older teams qualified. Our U14 team started in the Bronze medal game on Sunday morning. In the first 10 minutes they had a red card given to one of their stronger players for a hand ball in the goal crease. This not only took him out of the game, but also meant the team had to play with one less person the whole game. They fought hard to come back from that but just couldn’t get ahead. They ended the season with a 5-2 loss against Carstairs. They did win the bronze medal and they played an excellent season.

With a win on Friday our U16/18 girls advanced to the Semifinal game against Linden U16/18 Sunday morning. The weather was dry and hot. The girls came out to play, though, and we gave the strong Linden team very few looks at the net. They were resilient defensively as well, but two beautiful long range efforts from Julia Hildebrandt and Sophia Penner found the back of the net, sending us through to the gold medal match with a 2-0 win. This win advanced us to the gold medal match on Sunday afternoon where they played the Carstairs U18 girls. The weather Sunday afternoon only got hotter. Carstairs U18 came in with a marked advantage, having not played a full game already that day. Despite the adversity, we came to play. The prevailing wind ended up being a big factor in the game. The first half we were against it and hardly managed to get out of our defensive half. Carstairs piled on the pressure, and for the most part we absorbed it well. Not much ended up actually getting through to our net due to our strong defensive play. A controversial call in midfield led to a quickly taken free kick against us. The long range shot surprised our keeper and beat her high, just under the crossbar. The second half saw the tables turn having the wind with us. This time it was Carstairs who had a hard time getting out of the half. We did well to create many chances, but it just wasn’t our day. The game ended with possession likely edging Carstairs’ way, but the chances favouring us. Only the final score matters, however, going 0-1 in favour of the opposition. It was a battle to the end, and our girls gave a performance to be proud of and we ended up with a silver medal.

Our U16/U18 Boys headed to Districts to play for gold or silver as well on Sunday afternoon. Our boys played hard in the heat and brought home the silver medal. There were some good stops at goal, good defence and lots of pressure at the opponent’s goal throughout the game.